Dead Man Walkin'
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Dead Man Walkin'

Death Row atttempted to stir up controversy - and sales - by simultaneously attacking Snoop while also latching on to his mild post-Row success. The attack came in calling the album "Dead Man Walkin," a not so light-hearted jab. The latching-on came in referring to Snoop by his No Limit moniker, "Snoop Dogg," instead of his old DR name, Snoop Doggy Dogg, and by releasing the album very closely to a No Limit Snoop release date, hoping that any momentum created by his other album would carry over to this one. None of that strategy worked horribly well, as this music leftover from Tha Doggfather era gained only a few weeks on the Billboard charts.

SALES: 300,000


  1. May I

  2. C-Walkin'

  3. Head Doctor

  4. Hit Rocks

  5. Tommy Boy
    feat. Daz

  6. Change Gone Come

  7. Too Black

  8. Gangsta Walk
    feat. Tha Dogg Pound

  9. County Blues

  10. I Will Survive

  11. My Favorite Color

  12. Me and My Doggs

Executive Producer: Suge Knight