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Chronic 2000

This double album is one of the most important releases in Death Row's history because of its role: publicizing the future of the Row. The emphasis is on the new artists who have come on board since Tupac's death, an event that has come to mark the end of the "old" Death Row. Much of the subject matter on C2K is aimed at enemies, in classic Row style, and that Death Row isn't dead, like many had thought after a couple tough years. This is a tight compilation that should give the new artists an audience for upcoming solo releases.

SALES: 600,000


Disc 1

  1. Chronic 2000
    VK & Treach

  2. Gotta Love Gangsta's
    Tha Realest, Scarface & Richie Rich

  3. Top Dogg Cindafella

  4. Who Do You Believe In
    2Pac, Kadafi & Big Pimpin

  5. I Thought You Knew
    Mac-Shawn, E-40 & Daz

  6. Curiosity

  7. It's Goin Down
    Mac-Shawn, Daz & Tha Realest

  8. Don't Forget Where You Came From
    Swoop G

  9. Like It Or Not

  10. Easy To Be A Soldier When There Ain't No War
    Tha Realest, Swoop G & Lil' C-Style

  11. Beautiful Lady
    Danny Boy & K-Ci

  12. Stand Strong
    Tha Realest, Danny Boy & Jewell

  13. We Don't Love 'Em

  14. Because Of You Girl
    Tha Dogg Pound & Tha Realest


  1. Roll Wit' Us
    Tha Dogg Pound

  2. Drinks On Me
    Captain Save 'M & Ant Banks

  3. Late Night
    2Pac, Outlawz & DJ Quik

  4. They Wanna Be Like Us
    Tha Realest, YGD & Doobie

  5. OG To BG
    Soopafly & Tha Dogg Pound

  6. I Wanna Be Loved By You (interlude)

  7. Wanna Be Loved
    Michel'le & VK

  8. I'm Comin' Home
    Tha Realest & Jewell

  9. I'm Country

  10. Presenting Miilkbone
    Miilkbone & Naji

  11. The Things Your Man Won't Do

  12. Now What

  13. Ride Or Get Rode On
    Bad Habitz

  14. Mr. Officer
    Michel'le, Captain Save 'M & El Dorado

Executive Producer: Suge Knight