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A Precious Day With You

As the sun rises over the horizon in the morning,
The brillian colors blinde my eyes
like my feelings for you.

The transition of warmth as the light begins to rise,
Overwelms me and fills my mind, the colors and brilliance fills my heart and soul.

Saying hello to the dawn of a new day,
the birds sing a song of love and inspiration.

New expiriences through-out the day,
or new enlightenments of old.

The light and warmth of the sun, follows my movements throughout the day,
Getting higher and more intense, the warm light wraps it's armss around me and holds me warm and safe.

The day moves on and so do my feelings.

As it gets darker, I'm sad to know that the time to say goodbye is near.
I say goodbye for the night as the cold envelopes me in the sunless sky.

Only to anticipate the sunrise in the morning and to see the new day.

When the sun arises again is when i will say good-morning to my light and inspiration,
Only to begin another day of warmth and happiness in the surrounding light of you.