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My Angelic Mary

This Peom was dedicated in memory of my grandmother Mary

My angel looks down to guide our lives,
She roams the land and lives in the skies.
Filled with love, she watches us cry,
Wanting to embrace us tears start in her eye.
So do not cry for my angel, for she's alright,
She'll walk with us through the day and sleep
with us at night.

My beautiful angel is so full of light,
Pouring from her heart without a fright.
Finally peace is deep within her,
Pain is gone and loniness no more.
She watches over us with deep concern,
As our hearts cry and yearn.

Please believe me, for now it is time,
time for my angel to finally fly.
Although you want to hold on, you must let go,
My angel is happy, deep in your heart you know.
Do not worry about forgetting, for you never will,
Because my angel still loves us and always will.