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Model Boat Links Page!

The English Motor Fifie Amaranth

I actually convinced my mom to buy this kit, she built it over the course of about 9 months, it's a great little boat. If you don't know what a motor fifie is, click here. Thank you. Hello, and congratulations for finding my wonderful model boat links page. On this page you will find many links to many wonderful sites on the world wide web. However, since I am not a nitro man, and not a fast electric man, you will not find any links here to sites about fast, sleek, boats. But you will find lots of links to many sites about such things as:
  • Model Warship Combat
  • Scale Model Ships, such as working boats of America and Britain (a favorite of mine), and many others

      So, please enjoy my links page!


Bay Area Electric Boaters in St. Petersburg, FL
SJ Model Ships, Aspendale Gardens, Victoria - Australia. Builders of Museum Quality Model Ships.
Northman Ships
Cape Model Shipwrights & Model Marine Electronics
Casper Models Detroit Racing page. Go see these mini hydros!
Knightswood Model Boat Club
New Link! Doran Bay Ship Models
New Link! R2 Model Marine, based in Australia. Excellent selection of kits, and some very unique hulls, the ARTOO range.
A company that produces 1/48 scale models of fighting ships from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, designed for R/C combat.A secure online store specialising in fine collectables ship kits for those who enjoy the sea! (North Texas Battle Group--a warship club> 1250 Fleets (Dedicated to the enhancement and enjoyment of collecting 1:1250 scale model ships)
The 750mm Model Yacht Association (RC pond racing development class)
ABL Ship Models (Handmade wooden ship models)
Across The Pond (Ship model kits, including RC models and accessories)
AFP Models (1/72 scale model warship products)
ALNAVCO (Miniature metal models)
Al Ross II, Ship Modeler
Al's Navy (Scratch built model US Navy ships)
Alterscale (Miniature outboards, toy outboards)
American Marine Model Gallery (Ship model dealer, including those by Erik Ronnberg, Salem, Massachusetts)
The American Model Yachting Association ("Dedicated to the promoting of all phases of radio-controlled model yachting")
Andreas Gondesen's Model Page (RC scale squareriggers)
The Association of Shipmodelmakers of St. Petersburg, Russia
Australian RC Yachts
AVEOX Brushless Motors (Servo motors for models)
The Badger Air-Brush Co.
BaD Ship Model Kits (Plank on frame modern warships, display or RC)
The Baltimore Boatbuilding Company (Wood and paper litho toy steam tugboats)
Bare-Metal Foil & Hobby Co. (Metal foil and other products "for the fastidious modeler")
the Barrie Model Yacht Club (Operating sail, electric & steam modelers, Ontario)
Bart Frazee Model Products (Epoxy-glass parts for model tugboats and towboats)
Bear Mountain Boat Shop (Wooden canoe model kit)
The Beaufort Ships Museum (Prebuilt and custom built wooden ship models for sale)
Ben's Nautical Art (Custom-made miniature boats)
Big Gun R/C Warship Combat
Billing Boats (Kits)
BlueJacket Ship Crafters (Kits, fittings and supplies)
Bluenose Models by Charles Woodman
Blueridge Machinery and Tools Inc. (Unimat lathes, machine tools)
Bob Smith Industries (Cynoacrylate and epoxy adhesives for modelers)
Brown, Sons and Ferguson Ltd. (Working plans of vessels for scale ship models by Harold A. Underhill)
Buzz's BoatYard (Wind-up, electric and pop pop boats)
Byrd's R/C Boats
The Canadian Radio Yachting Association
Cape Cod Scale Watercraft (Ship model construction & restoration)
Captain Cook's Locker (Half-hull models)
Captain Neal Parker Modelmaking
Captain's Models (Large scale display and RC models of Grand Banks &Nordhavn yachts, custom models, test tank models)
The Card Modeling FAQ
Carr Sails (Sails for sailing, racing, display and scale models. Free modeling suppliers list)
The Casting List (A mailing list for modelers, also casting links & tech articles)
CatchaBreeze, Inc. (Authentic model ships and cars by Horst-Guenther Waesch)
Cheddar Models Limited (Model steam power units, boilers & accessories, steamboat kits, Cheddar, Somerset)
Civil War Ironclad Kits in Wood or Paper (1/185 scale)
Classic Ship Collection (Handmade solid metal 1:1250 scale ocean liner models)
Climate Boatworks (Plans, kits, semi-finished or ready-to-go RC power and sail models, model sails)
Clisby Miniature Machine Tools (Metal and wood lathes)
Cody Hart's Shipmodeling Page (The Swap Shop free ads, model image gallery, scratch building the Willie L. Bennett)
Collectors' Edition (Limited-edition museum-quality models of sailing ships)
Command at Sea (WW II naval miniatures game)
Cottage Industry Models Ltd. (American Civil War submarine & ironclad kits)
The CR-914 Yachting Pages (RC sailboat)
The Curator of Navy Ship Models (USN)
New Link MarkerDavid Bridge's Model Yachts and Boats (RC models)
D & E Miniatures (RC Submarines)
Derby Marine Models (Plank on frame period ship kit dealer, Derby, UK)
Digital Navy (Steel navy cardstock models, a few downloadable)
Don Stauffer's Modeling Page
Dumas Products, Inc. (RC boat kits and supplies)
East Coast Model Center (Prince Edward Island, Canada, model shop)
Eduard E. Wilke (Custom large-scale historic ship models)
Ernest J. Buechel Senior's Sailing Ship Models
The European RC Modeling Page (Including the RC Model Index with search engine)
Experiences of a First Time Ship Modeler (An online chronicle of building Artesania Latina's Le Hussard)
Fiddlers Green (Downloadable paper models, some free, but only a few nautical models)
Fine Art Models (Museum quality models)
FineScale Modeler Magazine
The Floating Drydock (US warship information for modelers)
Florida Radio Controlled Model Yachts
Frank Bayley's Tug Site (Buiding an RC model of United Towing Ltd.'s salvage tug Yorkshireman, with info on the prototype)
The French Naval Archaeology Collection (Modeling and research monographs & books by Jean Boudriot & Hubert Berti)
Friedrich Prossegger's Modeling-Site (RC models, building a model cycloidal propulsion system)
Friends of the Schooner Model Society (Multi-masted R/C sailboats, Chesapeake Bay)
The Gallery of Miniature Shops and Shipmodels (With modeling tips)
Gary Kemper's Ship Model Links
G. K. Modellbau (Gebhard Kammerlander's "soldered wood" ship model kits, Germany)
GK Scale Models and Figures (Hard to find plastic kits)
GK's Model Centre (Kits, supplies, Nylet racing sails, etc. Online Catalog, UK)
Gold Medal Models (Chemically-milled brass and stainless steel detail kits for plastic ship models)
The Granville Island Model Ships Museum (British Columbia)
The Great Schooner Model Society (Chesapeake Bay RC sailers)
New Link MarkerThe Hague Modelboat Club (HMBC, pond modelers, information about kits, plans, books, magazines, clubs, online-shops and a lot of photogalleries)
Half-Hull Boat Models by Col Sheehan (Including a how-to article)
Hampton Roads Ship Model Society
New Link MarkerHarald Ziewes Model Boat Pages (Scratch-built 1:250 scale plastic ship models based on cardstock models)
Harbor and Ocean Maritime Accessories (a division of BlueJacket Shipcrafters, HO Scale ship models and marine accessories)
The H. H. Rogers Ship Models Collection at the US Naval Academy
The Historical Miniature Wargame Home Page
Historic Paper Models
Historic Wood Ship Model Collectors Page
The History Man (Shipwreck dioramas & ship models by Dan O'Neill)
Hobby Lobby International (RC models, online catalog)
Hobbyweb (Model kit dealer)
Hobby World (Wood ships, dollhouses, models. Montreal)
Home Photoetching of Brass Model Components (Articles by Randy Gordon-Gilmore)
HOn30 Home Depot Tool Tips (Everything you need to know about sharpening knives, modifying X-Acto knife blades and permanent handles for them, resistance soldering)
The Information Seaway Mini-Courses (Short online how-to articles)
The Information Seaway Resource Center for Nautical Research and Shipmodeling (Seaways Publ. Inc.)
The International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites (And the Modeler to Modeler discussion forum)
The International Plastic Modelers' Society, Orange County (OCIPMS, California)
The International Plastic Modelers' Society, Uruguay (IPMS)
The International Plastic Modelers' Society, USA (IPMS)
The International R/C Warship Combat Club
IPMS Houston's Scale Model Forum ("A place to share the craft of fine scale military modeling", articles, photos, more)
Jon Austin Model Ship Builder (Ship models and model ship restoration, England)
JoTiKa Ltd. (European manufacturer and distributor of Caldercraft, Krick & HFM Marine models)
Kenilworth Press (Cardstock ship & lighthouse kits)
Ken Riggin's Ship Modeling Page (Photographs of various shipmodels during construction or in their finished state)
Ketner's Nautical Novelties (Model ships-in-bottles, kits, ready made and custom-built)
KMCA (Laser cutting, CNC machining, model making, RTV casting, scale models)
Langton Miniatures (Small scale historic naval models suitable for wargamers)
Leavitt Shipyard (Model shipbuilding and restoration)
The Liberty Shipyard (Custom scale 20th century ship models, specializing in liberty ships)
Liner and Steamship Models at Down Memory Lane
Loefbijter (Hans Staal's scale sailing model page, links)
Lone Star Models (Resin and vacuum-formed kits)
Lothlorien Crafts & Design (John Fox III's ship models and ships in bottles)
Lou Coatney's Home Page (Cardstock models, naval wargames)
New Link MarkerThe Lumberyard for Model Shipwrights (Domestic, imported, exotic and rare woods, Harold Hahn timbering kits)
L. Wiedling Ship Models in 1:1250 Scale (Germany)
Maine Coasters & Riggers (Scratch models, specializing in Maine built sailing vessels)
Marcle Models (Cardstock model kits)
Marine et Modélisme d'Arsenal (Models and articles by Gérard Delacroix)
The Marine Historical Society of Detroit's Art of the Model Builder
Marinemodelmakers.Com (Professionally related marine and marine-model-makers pages and links)
Maristany (Half ship and half hull models)
Maritime Kostbarkeiten und außergewöhnliche Sammlermodelle (Ship miniatures/models for collectors, Germany)
Maritime Replicas America ("Top of the line" display models of 20th century ships)
The Maryland Silver Company (Ship plans, Revolutionary War to Vietnam-era)
The Mesa Model Yacht Club (Radio controlled, Arizona)
Micro Mark (Hobby tools for building scale models)
microSAIL (The F 3 trimaran hydrofoiler, America's Cup, Melges 24 and other RC racing model sailboats)
Mini Marine Internationaal (Dutch group promoting naval model shipbuilding worldwide)
Miracle Castings Inc. (Sells an HO scale resin kit for a 38' gas Launch)
The Model Boat Association of Finland
The Model Boat Wizards ("Have questions about the hobby of model boating?")
The Modelbuilder's Academy (A network organization for modelbuilders from all Sweden)
The Model Dockyard ("The Scale Model Ship Specialists", online catalogue, Cornwall)
The Modeler's Boatyard (Books, fittings, plans, kits, tools and wood)
The Modeler's Boatyard Ship Plans Database Search Engine (Plans from Abe Taubman, John Fryant, The Dromedary Ship Modelers Center & Robert Hahn)
The Modelers to Modelers Ship Modeling Message Board
Model Expo (Model Shipways and other kits, modeling tools & supplies) (Spanish site for model ships and scale boats, RC, Modelismo Naval online magazine, over 1,000 links)
Modelismo Naval de Joaquín Solana (RC)
Modelmaker's Flags (Flags to dress model ships)
Modelmaking for Plywood Boatbuilders
The Model Ship Builders Page (A gallery for amateur shipmodelers' efforts, message board, chat room, more)
Model Ship Harbor (Paul's large scale modern ship RC models)
Model Ships by Jeff Johnson (Photos of building the Model Shipways brig-of-war Niagara kit)
Model Ship Yard (Builders of the Stephens & Kenau range of museum quality sailing ship models, Mosselbay, South Africa)
Model Slipway (Manufacturers of scale model boat kits suitable for RC) (Tools, materials, services & information "for, by and about people who make and repair things by hand")
MoRope ("The model ropery")
Möwe Publishing Company (Wilhelmshaven paper models, online paper modeling guide)
Nature Coast Hobby Shop (Wooden and plastic ship models, books, tools, supplies)
Nautical re-Creations (Scale replicas of history's finest sailing vessels, or your own yacht, by Warren Lee Thomas)
The Nautical Research Guild
The Nautical Research Guild's Sources for Ship Model Building and Nautical Research
The Nautical Research Journal
Naval Base Hobbies (Plastic & resin warship kits and parts)
Naval Miniatures for Wargaming and Model Building (Small scale model Napoleonic era ship building and terrain)
The Naval Miniatures Page
Navis (Ship and naval aviation history and modeling online magazine)
Newcastle Marine Modellers (RC model ship club, New South Wales)
Nick Carter's Taig Lathe Pages
North Coast Modelworks
Northeastern Scale Models (Specialty woods modelmaking, scale lumber)
The North Florida ORCAS Model Boat Club (RC electric, steam, sail, scale and sport craft)
"Official" IPMS Web Pages (The International Plastic Modelers' Society)
The Official Titanic Scale Model Page
Old Glory Miniatures (Scale figures from many periods)
Old River Bill's Home Page (Modeling the inland river towboat, towboat info)
On The Rigging and Sailing Of Model Windjammers
Pacific Front Hobbies (Plastic, resin and metal kits, more)
Pacific Tall Ships (Display model dealer)
Papa John's Toolbox (Hobby tools)
Paper Models International
Paper Paradise (Paper models)
Pelta Hobby Shop (Kits, accessories, card models, etc. Poland)
Phoenix Model Company (Plastic, diecast, vinyl, resin and wood kits, figures)
Pier Books Inc. (Books for shipmodel builders and "those interested in 'the evolution of the ship'")
Pond Boats by Midlife Models (Handmade one-designs for R/C sailing)
The Pop-Pop Boat Pages
Porter's Model Boat Page
Portland Model Power Boat Association ("The home of quality live steam and electric ship modeling", Oregon)
Preac Tool Co., Inc (Model making power tools)
Precision and Perfection (Model speedboat hulls, racing engines, drive units, RC racing accessories)
PrecisionLathe (Combi-218 small precision lathes, Unimat & Emco accessories, Levin lathe references)
Precision Scale Model Engineering (PSME, tools and materials for the scale modeler)
The Printed Circuit Boards FAQ (Photoetching information)
Puffin Pete's RC Civil Model Boats (Tugboat models)
Queen's Own Scale Model Warship Club (1/72nd scale model RC warships)
Ragged Symmetry Model Yachting Publications
R/C Modeler Magazine
RC Yachts - Brisbane (RC racing yachts, Australia)
Richard G. Redfern's Ship Models
The River's Touch (Museum quality, limited edition, table top models of historical Oregon drift boats)
Robert Eddy & Associates (Custom yacht models)
Robert Williams: Maker and Restorer of Model Ships and Boats (Mona Vale, Sydney, Australia)
Rocky Mountain Shipyard (Resin Kits)
Ron Burchett's Tugboat Modeling Page
Ron Ginger (Boat modelling, TSCA)
Russian Artistic Models of Sailing Ships from the First Half of the 19th Century (At the Central Naval Museum in St. Petersburg)
The Saint Louis Admirals R/C Model Boat Club
SAITO (RC kits, steam engines and four stroke IC engines for models)
The Sarasota Model Yacht Club (RC pond sailing)
The Scale Card (Pocket scale cards, scale rules)
Scale Reproductions by David S. Smith (Scale ships in bottles, sailing and power, naval and merchant)
Scale Reproductions, Inc. (Scale models, parts design and fabrication for modeler builders, computer modeling and prototyping using CNC laser and computer-router)
The Scale Sailing Association (British pond sailors)
The Scale Ship Modelers Association of North America (SSMA)
Seacraft Classics (Handcrafted ship and boat models)
Sea Dragon Studio (Sailboat and fishing boat models)
Sea Tec Models (Agent for Dean's Marine RC models in the US, Canada, and the Americas, Eden RC warship and submarine kits)
Seattle Model Yacht Club (Remote control sailing)
The Seaways Shipmodeling & Nautical Research List Photo Page
Seaways Shipmodeling List Modeling Mini-Courses (Short online tutorials)
The Seaways Shipmodeling & Nautical Research Mailing List
Seaworthy Small Ships (Wooden pond model boat kits)
Semad Model Shop (Belgian mail-order shop)
Shearwater Boats (RC models, some steam powered)
Sherline Products (Modelmaking power tools)
The Ship Modelers Association
The Ship Modelers Association's Online Class to a Build the Model Shipways Sultana Kit (Starts January, 2000)
New Link MarkerThe Ship Modeling Club of St. Petersburg, Russia (Models for sale)
The Ship Modelling Society of Victoria (SMSV, professional model makers to keen beginners, Australia)
The Ship Models FAQ
The Ship Model Society of Northern New Jersey (SMSNNJ)
Ship Plans at the Maritime Museum of British Columbia
Ship Plans at the National Maritime Museum (UK)
Ship Plans from the Smithsonian Institution
Singleman's Model Boat Works (Awards, trophies, half hull models)
Skytrex Ltd. (Small scale ocean liners & ship models suitable for wargamers)
The Small Craft Shop (Mahogany scratch built sail and power boat models & half models)
Small Parts (Small tools and materials used by artisans)
Snyder and Short Enterprises (Naval paint chip sets for modelers)
Softley & Page Silversmiths (Highly detailed silver models of historic and modern boats and sailing vessels)
The Solomons Island Model Boat Club (RC modelers, Maryland)
Spotwood Studio/Nautic-Art (Sailboat, yacht & boat half hull models & replicas)
Squadron Mail Order (Scale models and supplies)
The Steam Tug Exeter (Waterline tugboat kit in HO scale)
Steel, Chapman & Hutchinson (Engineers and builders of working model sailing ships)
Stichting MiniSAIL Nederland (The Dutch association of sailing scale model ship builders)
The St. Michaels Model Boat Club (Model skipjacks racing in Chesapeake Bay)
Stuart Models (Stationary steam engine kits, castings and assembled engines)
The SubCommittee ("A group of people intersted in submarines, primarily the building of models of them, both display and radio-controlled")
SwampWorks Mfg. (R/C warship combat kits & accessories)
Sylvan Scale Models (Model railroad supplier, HO and N scale Great Lakes freighters, tugs and barges)
Tango Papa Decals (Decal paper, ALPS MD series ink cartridges)
Task Force 72 (The association of Australia's 1/72 scale warship modellers)
Task Force 100 (1/96-1/100 RC modern naval ship model club)
Tee Publishing (Marine modelling & model steamboating books)
Timothy M. Sullivan Model Yachts (Builder of custom model yachts, from pond yacht to museum quality)
Tim Smalley's RC Submarines Page
The Titanic Modeling Guide (How to "correct the inaccuracies and add the enhancements to the 1/350 scale Minicraft kit that are befitting the legend of this ship")
Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index (Links to scale model related Web pages)
Tor Ole Randen`s Model Page
Towboat Joe's (Scratch-built models of river workboats, model plans, towboat info and pictures of cool old towboats)
Tower Hobbies (RC models)
Tower Hobbies' R/C Web Directory
Until You Get it Right (Construction of a Marblehead Class model racing yacht to Ted Houk's 1949 Rip Tide design)
The USCG Model Kit Subjects List
US Navy Camouflage (An online database of camouflage patterns used by US warships during WW II)
US Vintage Model Yacht Group (Sailing models. Branch of AMYA)
Verlinden, Letterman, and Stock (VLS, online hobby shop)
The Victoria Model Shipbuilders Society (British Columbia)
Victor Model Products (RC sailing models) (Scale models of the Oseberg Viking ship)
VitaChrome Graphics, Inc. (VitaCal color ink jet printer decal paper)
Warship (Modern warship modeling)
The Washington Ship Model Society (Washington, DC)
Welcome to the World of Ship Modeling (The Practicum Method by Rev. William J. Romero)
Wendy Thompson's Sailing Ship Models
Werner's Model Boat Page (RC models of Calypso and a North Sea supply ship/tug)
Wet Dreams Hobby Shop
White Ensign Models (Plastic ship models, ship model construction articles)
Williams Model Works (Basic parts for models of contemporary ships)
The World of Scale Model Boating by Chuck Zendner (Radio control warships)
Worth Marine Model Boats (Static and pond sailing kits, cannons, fittings)
Wye River Models (Wood model kits of Chesapeake Bay craft)
XViral's Model Boats (Large model RC boat-building, building the salvage tug Yorkshireman)
Yayasan Pemgembangan Sumber Daya Laut's Half Models (Generic or of your yacht, Indonesia)
Yesteryear Toys (Live steam models)
The Zero-Handed Trans-Atlantic Project (Sailing a model boat from New York to England)
Zundmeer (1:87 to 1:700 scale metal ship and harborcraft miniatures, ships in bottles, 1:160 resin scale ship kits and accessories)

Model Clubs

American Model Yacht Association

Bay Area Electric Boaters : The only Scale RC Modelboat Club in the Tampa Bay area.

Cincinetti Model Boat Club : The Club's main goal is to promote the sport of model boating. Cleveland Area Fast Electrics : They race the classes STOCK, MODIFIED, PRO-MODIFIED and SCALE HYDROPLANE.

Edina Model Yacht Club : The EMYC was formed in 1991 as a non-profit, radio controlled model boat club.

Elite Fleet of Virginia Beach : Scale Electric Model Boat Club.

Empire State Model Mariners : A Model Boat Club devoted to not only centuries old tradition of recreating scale models, but also to further the hobby of model ship building.

Fox Valley R/C Boaters : A model boat club in IMPBA district 4. Each year the club has 1 race and 1 record trial. Their pond is in Yorkville, IL. at Silver Springs State Park.Yorkville, IL

Gig Harbor Model Yacht Club : AMYA club in WA, involved in model yacht building, sailing, and racing.

Grand Rapid Area Waverunners :

Granite Lake Model Yacht Squadron : Clarkston, WA

Hampton Roads Ship Model Society : The Society's purpose is to provide a forum for those interested in the modeling of ships.

Houston Model Yacht Club : The Club promotes radio-control sailing in the Houston area.

Indy Model Boat Club : Model Power Boating in Indianapolis, Indiana

Int.Model Power Boat Association : IMPBA, as a sanctioning body, primarily focuses on racing the nitro/gasoline and electric modelboats.

Mesa Model Yacht Club : A nonprofit organization devoted to the hobby of building and sailing model boats. The Club supports two types of model boating; Sail and Scale Boats.

Minuteman Model Yacht Club : Club devoted to model yacht sailing, based in Needham, Massachusetts, USA, just outside of Boston.

Minute Breakers Model Power Boat Club : Scale 1: 8 Hydros from Libertyville, Illinois.

Mutineer's R/C Boat Club : The Mutineers are a remote controlled boat racing club

Nautical Research Guild : Not-for-profit membership organization linking nautical historians and dedicated ship model builders.

North Gator Dodgers : Jacksonville, FL

Orange County Model Sailing Club : Sailing at Mason County Park, Irvine, CA.

Orlando Culvert Dodgers : Orlando, FL

Portland Model Power Boat Association : The home of quality live steam and electric ship modeling.

Queen's own Scale Model Warship Club : Scale 1 : 72 model warships.

San Francisco Model Yacht Club : In 1898 a group of model sailboat afficionados formed the S.F.M.Y.C. and it's been going strong ever since. But today it's more than just sail: electric, steam and even gas provide a different perspective for the model boater.

Scale Ship Modeler's Association of North America

Seattle Model Yacht Club :

Ship Model Society of Northern New Jersey : Dedicated to historically accurate, scale wooden ship modeling.

Southern Gentlemen Racing Association : Hydroboat racing

St.Louis Admirals : R/C Modelboat Club, interested in Steam - Electric & Sail powered model boats and ships.

St.Michaels Model Boat Sailing Club : Sailing model Skipjacks.

Tast Force 100 New Jersey : Shipmodellers of warships and subs scale 1 : 100.

The Great Schooner Model Society : Multimasted sailboats

The Subcommittee : About submarine lovers in the States.

Tucson Model Boat Club :

Tucson Model Yacht Club : A nonprofit organization devoted to the hobby of building and sailing model boats. The Club supports two types of model boating; Sail and Scale Boats.

Twin Cities Model Boat Club : Model Boat Club, located in Eagan, MN on Cedar Ave. just south of the Mall of America.

West Valley R/C Mariners : Model Boating in Litchfield Pk , AZ. Includes tables of model specifications and names of suppliers.

Other countries

Association of shipmodelmakers of St-Petersburg (Russia) : This Russian Shipmodel Club has a site on "Golden age" Sailing ships.

C.A.M.N.E. : Club Argentino de modelismo naval a escala.

This WEB site is to provide informations to competitors FSR V & H World championship in France during august 98.

Manukau Model Power Boat Club (New Zealand) : Model Power Boat Racing at the Walle Farms Ponds in Manurewa-Aukland-New Zealand.

Naviga : World Organisation for Modelshipbuilding and Modelshipsport.

The RC-sailing infocenter (Finland)

Directories / Shipmodel index

Index of Radio Control Boats & Scale Model Ships

International Waters RC : Source for information about R/C boating.

International list of Scale Model Related Websites

MNY (Spain) : 350 scale ship models links directory.

Modelbouwlinks : Nederlandse site-index op modelbouw gebied.

RC Boat links : Directory of modelboat links.

R/C Web Austria : A new Austian directory.

The RC-source : Huge list of links to other model(boat) clubs.

The RC-Web Directory : Another list of links to model(boat) clubs.

Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index : Index of Model clubs.

Some More Links A Gallery of Boat Modeling - R/C, 1:40 scale model boat by glow plug engine in Japan
Allied R/C Combat Web Site - Good pictures of R/C combat, links and other cool stuff
Andre's Hydroboat - Model boat page from Sweden by Andre Westerberg
A.N.R. - Promoting boat modeling, extreme fast electric boat racing, etc
Bay Area Electric Boaters - Scale Radio Control Model Boat Club in the Tampa Bay, FL area
Billing Boats - HQ, interesting, unusual r/c and non-r/c boat designs
Demons of the Deep - Info about large, scratch built r/c submarine
Elmar Hoppach - Crab-boat as used on the northern shore of Germany
Flags to Dress Model Ships - Finest scale BECC flags for model ships
Harry's R/C Boat Trader - Advertise your boat(s) & accessories for free
Hydroplanes and Rollercoasters - 1/8th Scale hydroplanes, pics, tips, movies, info
Index of RC Boats and Scale Model Ships - More links on these topics
IWRC   R/C boating news
Jeff's R/C Boat Page - Pics, gasoline/weedeater boats & engines
Jeff's Gas Boat Engine Page - Engine mods to Homelite gas engine
Jim's R/C Boat Dock - Covers all aspects of large gasoline powered (weed-eater) boats
Larry's R/C Nitro Boats - Larry's own electric and nitro water rockets
Laurell Homesite - R/C boats, large article on combat boat 90, 1:14 scale
Marty's R/C Boats - Model boat page with projects and pictures
Modelismo Naval de Joaquin Solana - Large R/C boats in Mexico City
Model Boats! - My own shipbuilding (Maersk Rider) with lots of pics, and info on many real ships
Model Marina - Extensive scale ship-kit reviews, assembly pics, instruction, tips
National Marine Museum - Truro Cornwall, England
Navimodélisme RC - Nice boating site with plans and pics in France
Norwegian Model Boats - This is the only Norwegian boat page!
Paul's RC Website - Model boats, submarines, electric aircraft
Paradise Place - R/C boats, projects, pics, links
PT and Speed Boats - R/C boating homepage by Sean Ciesielka
PMCG's Vicious Model Boat Page - Photos, descriptions, avi videos. Very powerful RC boats!
Pond Boats - Custom made r/c sailboats
Radio Control Boating Forum - On-line chat and info
RC Civil Model Boats - See what modelers do in and around Belgium. Find links, events & tips
RC Warship Combat - Model boats armed with BB cannons to sink their enemies
R/C Submarining - David Merriman and the world of R/C submarines
R/C Mono Hull Racing in the UK
R/C Civil Model Boats - Model tugboats, links, info, hints & tips
R/C Electric Racing Boat Page - The first RC model boat racing website in Slovenia
R/C Mono and Hydro Racing - Nice little page from Germany about electric boating
Reesor Boat Works - Fast electric boat racing in Ontario, Canada
Rum Runner Racing - Fast electric R/C boats
Stan's Hobbies - My first scratch build, kits, info, park member models, pics
Submarines - David Merriman's submarine page
Subs on Display - Submarines, pictures, plans, virtual tour and video
Swampworks - Combat hulls &superstructures, pumps, running gear, CO2 systems
Swiss Mini Sail Online - Building and sailing of scale model sailing ships
Task Force 100 - Devoted to building/operating models of modern day warships from Navys worldwide
Taubman Plans Service International - Hundreds of Plans and more
The Radio Controlled Duck Website - A website for the rcduck modeler
The Modelers Boatyard - Tons of Plans, information
The Model Dockyard - Plans, kit service, information
The Manross Home Page - Sharing building techniques and pictures
The Vicious Model Boat Page - Very powerful RC boats
The World of Model Scale Boating - Scale army ships, articles, USS Newport pics, news, pt boat, scale mil.pier
The PT Boat Page - Great Page for all of us who love PT Boats
The SubCommittee - Submarines, pictures, articles. Covers R/C and static models
The Floating Drydock - US Navy Warship information
Towboat Joe's Western Rivers Workboats - Scratch building plans and photos of inland river workboat models
Unlimiteds Hydroplanes and Powerboats - Discussion forum, selling and having fun in our hobby-community
Zodiac Pro II RC - Inflatable RC Boat



Alterscale Miniature Outboards
BaD Ship Model Kits
Ballistic Enterprises (r/c batteries)
Blueridge Machinery and Tools Inc.
Byrd's R/C Boats You've got to see these boats go!
The Canadian Radio Yachting Association
Cape Cod Scale Watercraft
Captain's Models
Carr Sails
Central Park's Model Yachts
D & E Miniatures
Don Stauffer's Modeling Page
East Coast Model Center
Ernest J. Buechel Senior's Sailing Ship Models
FineScale Modeler Magazine
The Floating Drydock
Gary Kemper's Ship Model Links
GK's Model Centre
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The English Scottish East Coast Drifter Peggy

All bow down to the equally amazing Scottish East Coast Drifter, Peggy. Hey! Look! It's a boat!

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