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Concert and Album Reviews

Album Reviews

1. "I may be generalizing when I review the last two albums, but it may get the ball rolling and get others to write in and express their views. I don't care if they agree or disagree they will still write it. Now to the job at hand. Bif Naked's self titled album was rough around the edges but that was an asset. Bif comes off as a real person, her songs are heartfelt and a bit on the slow, darkside. Over all it is a well put together cd with songs like "Never Alone" which seems to personally touch me and say we have something to live for, to "Tell on you" which may help abused people realize that it can happen to anyone and people are out there who can help you. On to "I Bificus" this album was a bit more lively and pulse pumping tunes to back up Ms. Hopkins, who's lyrics are powerful and believable. Songs like "Chotee" , "Lucky Ones", and "Violence" show that she hasn't lost grip on her roots and telling true to life tales of her own. While mixed in all of this is "Moment of Weakness" a teen angst type of song, that gets you jumping and of course "Spaceman". This song is a more commericialized version of Bif, but it may get more people to listen to her other work. To tell the truth that is what happened to me. I heard "Spaceman" on the radio (the bootang boys remix) which still isn't on any compilation yet and had to buy the album. The more I listened the more I liked and had to buy her self titled and spoken work albums. All in all Bif is a very talented person and her music only explodes her personality to emence proportions. Her lyrics make you think and that means a lot, it means that she doesn't take her listener to a mindless blob. - From Jeff Ewanchuk (Thanks Jeff, you rock!!)
Concert Reviews
1. "What can I say about Bif Naked. This was the first time I was witness to a Bif show and I wasn't sure what to expect. and It's good I wasn't because what she came out with completely blew my mind. Not sure whether to be revolted by all the tattoos and piercings or in love with the beautiful woman and beautiful voice. I realized after she walked off the stage after her set, this was going to be a very hard act for the next band to follow. Among her amazing set she played Daddy's getting married, Spaceman, and a song she referred to as the penis song. All in all one of the best performances of the afternoon." This was rated five stars out of five stars from the edgefest '98 Ottawa show. -From Dave Albano, I'm not really sure if it's his review or not. Check out
Other opinions about Bif
1. I don't believe that I've said enough in Bif's favour. Not only is she a true talent, but she has a life that is clean and refreshing in the 90's. I have seen her on interviews and forums on Much Music and just the way she carries herself is powerful. She has brain and chooses to use it. She is drug free, alchohal free and she doesn't fool around. She is a willful person who hasn't let the "suits" change her image and her songs, she remains real and down to earth. It may seem taboo what I am about to say but what the hell. Bif has what has often been tossed around (oh no here it comes) Girl Power. She is forceful, dominant, intelligent and beautiful. She is the full package. Most of all she is the real deal. She is who she wants to be. Not to be molded by anyone. - from Jeff Ewanchuk (Thanks again Jeff)
If you have seen Bif in concert or heard her cds and would care to share your experiences, please email me and I'll be sure to put up your reviews.