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Bif's Life

Well the story began in India 27 years ago where a little baby girl was born and soon adopted and named Beth Torbert by her family that moved her to Kentucky for a part of her younger life. They then moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba to begin there Canadian life. Bif started up her band Guerilla Guerilla in Winnipeg. She then met her future husband, Brett Hopkins, through the band seeing he was the drummer.They had rented out a house just off of cordon street to practice. Little beth soon grew up and moved herself and her band to Vancouver. Around that time she changed her name to Bif Naked. She married Brett at 19 and divorced a little later on. Bif still goes by the name Beth Hopkins and still resides in Vancouver where she produced 4 great cd's including her newest release, I Bificus, which is under the name Bif, she's dropped the naked part for the obvious reasons and problems. Bif is an active young lady who snowboards, blades, mountain bikes, power walks and trains in martial arts.