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last: 1/27/03 Hey ppl my name is Heather, I have brownish-Blonde hair, I have brown eyes, I'm 5'3", and I weigh 108 lbs. I love to play Tennis, Basketball, and Diving I play these three sports for my school, but I also enjoy Track and Softball I used to be a Gymnast, I still know how to do some of the thing I used to be able to do. I graduated from Newport High school June of 2002 and I'm 18 years old. My Birthday is on June 25th. I am currently single and my best friends are Jacque, my sister, and Summer. I have a total of 10 piercings. Four on each ear, a belly button piercing, and a tounge ring. My screen name for Aol is BabyStar65! Please remember to SIGN MY GUEST BOOK! I like listening to techno, trance, R&B, rap, alternative artists such as 504 Boyz, KC and Jojo, Alice Deejay, 2Pac, IMX, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Twista, DMX, Ja Rule, Ice Cube, Aaliyah, Dru Hill, Snoop, N'Sync and some other ones. I Hope you enjoyed my page Thanx!!!

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I Would Like To Send Out Some Shouts To Some People So Here It Goes...... The first one goes out to my BEST friend Jacque Margeson, then my sister Jana, and The Rest Of The crew like........ Summer Buckles, Matt VanCleave, Ian Crushanks, Issac King, Shayan Yazdi, Jeremy McCormick, Amy Wosser, Ryan Fowler, Ryan Farmer, Robert Miller, Shawn, Kelly Haslund, Rachael Ackerman, Jessie Creller, Evan, Chris, Luciano, Illian, Jon Scoffield, CJ Creller, Allie Evans, Chad Surdi, Mike Brandt, Kylie Brewster, Chuck Haselwood, and Booth Lavaris, Thanx......Luv Heather

This is my Belly Button piercing that I got in Ocean City, Maryland!

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