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This for right now is the third home of the offical WBL website. (freewebs is not working and the other geocities is retarded)
Names are due july first don't forget or you'll be the fagville libros. There is also a new site i think but dont know the nme check brians SN for more info

Nothing new with the old site just keep trying it.

Regulars League:
The league has started and 4 games have been played

The Orange Alamo: 2-2
The Snapping Turtles: 2-2

Game 1: 6-4 (
The Orange Alamo) F

Game 2: 5-3 (
Snapping Turtles) F

  Game 3: 9-3 (
Snapping Turtles) F
Game 4: 4-1 (
The Orange Alamo) F 10 inning
                                      3 run HR by Johnny
  Brian: 7
  Johnny: 6
  Matt P: 1
  Matt M: 0

  Extras League:

  Hasn't started yet.
  Both Team Names are due July 1st!!!!!!!
offical wiffle balls
Other Stuff
1rst Wbl website
2nd Wbl website(might be frozen)
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