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Virus' Current Title Reigns

Your System is About to Crash!


Height: 7ft2
Finishers:Legendeer, Lights Out Powerbomb
Next Match: Triple Threat, Chaos and Trevor North, number one contender to the US title, at Rage
Last Match: Lost against Sin, at SnowBlind

Virus' Current Situation:

Virus has just been involved in a gruesome First Blood Elimination Fatal Four way match to determine the Number 1 contendership to the McW World Heavyweight Championship. Virus eliminated world champion Jade, and contender Sin, and was favourite to win the match, before Sephiroth Du Lac sprayed Virus with a red mist, cheating him out of a title shot. Will there be vengeance? You'll soon see.....

Virus has just been again cheated out of a victory against Sin at SnowBlind, when CEO Adam Tate appeared and changed the match to a first blood match. Virus made Sin bleed, but then Sin made Virus bleed, and the referee awarded the match to Sin. It then emerged that CEO Adam Tate had paid off the referee to give the win to the newest member of his revolution team......Sin.

Virus has however, found solice in his new team mates, Chaos and Coma, being lead by General Manager Dylan Law, in the unstoppable force of 3rd Degree, giving the rest of McW cause for concern.

Your System is About to Crash!

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