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Our page...what else would it be moron?!

This page last updated 12/02/01 2:26am PST

WARNING:  These pages will be/are graphic intense and will require a fast connection or a crap load of download time.

Ok, I now have it setup that each one of us has our own page.  I just have to put some crap in them.  The first page that is ready is for Kaitlyn.  I will have the rest us soon...maybe.

Mom's Page Dad's Page

Mom's Page

Kaitlyn's Page

Dad's page

  Movie Stuff

Mr. Bigglesworth Page


Movie Stuff

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Hey, got any weed?Mommy, he smells like a bong!

Here are some cute pix of Kaitlyn with some hippie pot smoker named Tommy Chong

YUCK!!My chair!

and another couple doing other baby things.

Our Favorite Links

Chopping Block..Because Serial Killers are People Too
My Old Cast of RHPS
Sister & Brother-in-Law

Regal Cinemas Home PageRegal Cinemas

Here are some pics of our awesome "THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS" collection that seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.