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thaitsuki Japanese Swords and Bokkens

    Welcome to ThaitSuki Canada where we believe in quality over quantity. ThaitSuki Nihonto swords are hand made, fully functional and "battle ready" Japanese Katanas best suited for practice, completion cutting and collecting. They are all fully capable of cutting makiwara (tightly rolled straw mats) and even a 7" thick bamboo with a single stroke. The Japanese Katana, hand made by ThaitSuki Nihonto, are the highest quality traditionaly made Japanese swords, made by the best materials and perfected over the past 200 years. ThaitSuki Nihonto Japanese swords have been made for professional collectors, Iaido/Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, and other Japanese sword Martial Artists over these past 200 years and are now being offered to the general public.

    Our Canadian office site is still under construction. Please come back next week to check our latest updates. For more information about Thaitsuki swords please visit our Thailand Office's website or email Our Representitive in Canada

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