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Adding Sound

One Neat thing you can do to a web page is to add sound to the web page. To add sound follow these steps:

  1. Pick a wav only format song that you wish to use
  2. Copy desired song into the folder that containsyour webpage.You can do this by the following 2 ways:
    • Physically copying the song into the same folder that contains your HTML page that you wish to add sound to
    • Uploading the song onto your web page domain's server
  3. Once the song is in the same folder as the HTML file open up your web page so that you can edit the code
  4. Below your body tag enter the following: "<EMBED SRC=".wav" AUTOSTART="true" HIDDEN="true"></EMBED>"
  5. an example <EMBED SRC="test.wav" AUTOSTART="true" HIDDEN="true"></EMBED>"
  6. Save the new addition to the file
  7. View the web page and wait to hear the sound
    1. Click HERE for a table of possible problems that might arize

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