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Pers 2 Vietnam Era Veterans for Equity and Fairness

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Updates On AUG. 27 2002

Well I hope you all had a great summer?

    It is time once again to start thinking about the upcoming State Legislature session. It is about time that everyone get on board and start to apply real pressure on these public servants. There are approximately 6000 Pers 2 Vietnam era veterans within the state retirement system. If we could muster half that amount in Olympia for a peaceful demonstration, bringing attention to our plight as a minority class of employees .We would have an opportunity to gain some exposure by the media. Both print and electronic.

    Never doubt for one minute that we as Pers2 Vets are being discriminated against. The Washington State Patrols Pers system allows them to use their Military service time towards their retirement. What makes there time in service any more deserving than the rest of us who also served our country in a time of need? The people in Olympia need to hear a loud message from its Vets that all military service should be credited towards the retirement of these faithful employees that answered the call of the nation to Military service.

    The only other option is to contact the Washington State Attorney General . And ask for a determination on the States Discriminatory policy towards a minority of its retirement systems employees. If this does not work then the next step would be to call in the federal governments Department of Veterans Affairs because of the State of Washington’s discriminatory practices. During this time of massive public support for our Military Service’s men and women in uniform. I would not think that and State or Federal government would welcome being exposed for anti-military Policy. Even anti Veteran Retiree’s policy? Please let me know what you think about these words I have put to paper. May we stay the course and come away from the fight victorious ,with proper recognition of our service to our Country.
Thank you

Alistair J Crerar
SGT USMC. 2128032
Oct.1964-Oct 1968

    Please e-mail, write or call your Legislatures, this is the time for action. You will find the list on the LINK BAR on the web page called Contact Your Senators and Representatives

    Good day representive Sommers , My name is Alistair Crerar and I am an employee of Snohomish County PUD #1. I am a Vietnam era veteran who served on active duty with the United States Marine Corps from Oct 1964 to Oct 1968. I spent 13 months overseas, much of that time in Vietnam. I am writing this letter because as I observe the Pers retirement system, I feel that there is a strong case to be made for discrimination between two groups of this retirement system. As you may be aware, there are Pers 1 and Pers 2 retirement system groups. The Pers 1 employees, whom I and others served alongside in the jungles of Vietnam, are shown Washington States appreciation by being allowed to apply that time in the service of their country towards retirement. I and others, however, who spent the same time, in the same service for our country, and entered the Washington State Pers 2 retirement system, are not allowed to apply this service time to our retirement. Is our time less valuable? Is our service to our country less important?  The State Patrol employees under Pers2 are allowed to apply their Military time towards their retirement whenever they served our country.  If one group of Pers2 employees receive this benifit and another group does not .That is overt discrimination. I have had these concerns for over twenty years. Now, however, this unappreciated and second class group of veterans have organized for the purpose of gaining respect and equity within our retirement system. From Spokane to Olympia and from Bellingham to Vancouver the veterans who served their country with honor, are asking the legislature both the House and the Senate to show appreciation and fairness towards this minortity group as defined by the State Public Utility Districts throughout Washington. By adopting a nondiscriminatory retirement policy, this would allow us the same respect and equity that the Pers 1 employees receive. At this time of national crisis and patriotic fervor, when the eyes of this country are turned upon all branches of our military services, would not the correct and honorable path be to show appreciation of this forgotten group of veterans by granting them equality with the other valued veterans in this great state. I would hope that politics would never enter into this proposal. Military service is a neutral subject. Both Republicans, as well as, Democrats served their country to the best of their ability. When this country called, most answered the call. Now all we are asking is for the Legislature to answer our call for fairness and equality.  Our website is up and running at The names are pouring in and all the veterans will be posted along with all of their representatives. This way each veteran will be able to contact his or her own lawmaker personally. I hope this note conveys my feelings about this issue clearly? I also hope that I can count on your support for House Bill # HB-2579 it is in your committee . This bill would end this discrimination? Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Alistair J. Crerar

Dear Rep. Wood,

I graduated from Shadle Park high school and then went to Vietnam with the 101st airborne division.
While I was there, some of my contemporaries were back here at home, accruing time under various retirement systems.

I did what I thought was right, and would do it again, regardless of the penalties that may exist in current state law, because I'm not all that focused on self interest--I face myself in the mirror every day, and want to see someone I can respect.

So it is with mixed feelings that I write in support of this bill, because I may benefit from it.
Even so, what's right is right, and I think this bill is a step in the right direction.
If I were writing it, it would be a little broader and give credit for all combat veterans, not just Vietnam veterans, but you who write the laws are doing what you can.

Thank you for this gesture of support. Michael Winton

Michael....While you were with the 101st, I was riding a submarine off Yankee Station for the Navy, doing electronic intelligence missions and working with SEAL teams. Seems like a long time ago now. I agree. It's a small step, but I think an important one.

Alex. Former Qm2 (SS)
From: "Wood, Rep. Alex"

Hello Sen. Stevens,
I'm Don Mulder from Lake Stevens. We have been one of your loyal supporters over the years you've been in office and are very proud of you and your courage in tackling the conservative issues head on. I am an employee of Sno. Co. P.U.D. for the past 24 years and I'm also a Vietnam Veteran. We have a new web sight up. It is . We are enlisting support from all over Washington state concerning our call for Senators and Representatives to step up to the plate and make right a past wrong concerning veterans. Currently, Pers 1 military and Wa. State Patrol can take their military time toward retirement. Many of us are working side by side with individuals who served during the same time period in Vietnam and because of a date that was picked for a new Pers plan, many of us are on the other side of the line and not allowed to count the time we served in Nam towards our retirement which makes us feel like a lessor citizens. With our web sight up, we are getting Veterans from all over the State saying the same thing, "We are being discriminated against". Some Representatives have stepped up to the plate and are sponsoring HB 2579. I urge you to draft up similar legislation or point us in the direction of a Senator that is willing to do so. We are not whining here. We are just looking to be treated as equals with our fellow Veterans. Val, I know that you are a strong military supporter. Please support those of us that have already served as well.
thank you and God Bless,

Don Mulder

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