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The Official Homepage for the Mythic Spirits of Verdantine!

Welcome to the official homepage for the Mythic Spirits of Verdantine! This page is a resource for Mythic Spirits allegiance members to find allegiance announcements, pictures, links to other helpful sites, and miscelaneous information!

Pictured: Grace of the Unicorn and Mage of War pose in their fully baned God-Awful orange robes.

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June 28, 2004:

The monarchy continues to build! Mystyc the Hunter, Mistress Tigre, and Disasterpiece (as well as his crew) have recently sworn in! Grace is level 53, rank 3 (3 more until he's able to get a mansion, if we decide to go that way).

Also, Mythic Spirits will be on buffbot duty every night while I am sleeping. Please keep him comped up!

If you are in Arwic in need of buffs, look for Magues -- he is a friend of the monarchy, and we are set to get free buffs from him. Also, if neither he nor Mythic are in, look next door. The Guards of Honor are next door, and their buffbot Enigma of Hawk has offered to buff our monarchy members if we need this. If using any non-monarchy buffbots, of course, remember to be kind and donate pyreals or components to keep the bots running!

Coming soon: Message board -- I think?

June 17, 2004:

This site may not be up much longer -- or at least it will be moving! Shiro has offered to create a website for the clan, and I have accepted his gracious offer.

For now, however, there are a few announcments. I have been invited to join the Federation of Verdantine, a website for monarchs of Verdantine. My first post on there said that I am interested in doing the font of Jojii quest, so when I am back from Florida on Sunday or Monday, I will be leading that -- either by myself, or with a few other guilds...who knows?! If you are level 35+ and wish to go on the quest, I will provide more details for you when I return and plans are solidified.

Also, if you are a mage of decent level (nudge nudge wink wink MoW) I will be requiring your services! When I return, there will be much Diamond Golem hunting. I can kill them myself, but I will be so much better at it if they are imp'd and vuln'd!

Enjoy AC while I am away. I decorated the villa a bit, so feel free to lounge about within!

Recruit new members!!! :)

June 13, 2004:

Just a brief update today. Grace of the Unicorn has reached the 29th level, and is continuing to climb steadily. We have, thus far, obtained several items necessary for the allegiance housing, but are still lacking just as many! So far, we are still in need of:

What can you do to do your part? Keep pyreals from loot runs, and donate them to the guild by giving them to either Grace of the Unicorn or Mythic Spirits. 2 million is a lot for one man to save up on his own, especially when his strength is so low! Also, check Maggie's site (URL above) for information on the Nuhmudira's Token quest. It will take some waiting, and some luck, but on this quest you can obtain one of the 4 writs of refuge we still need. Grace and MoW will be exploring other options as their levels rise!

We're coming along very well -- we're almost there! Just do your part, and soon we will have our home. Once our home is established we can work on getting additional housing for individual members!!!!

June 12, 2004:

The site is up, but should be considered to be under heavy construction! I hope it is useful for everyone. So far we are building steadily. The flagship members are Grace of the Unicorn/Mythic Spirits (my name is Austin -- hi!) and Warrior K. In the past two days we have recruited Mage of War (with whom I have died many, many times now -- we be uber 1337), and Basheba. Hopefully many more will come; I am really enjoying creating a little family of friends!

Two big issues of the day! First, where should our bindstone be? Hebian-to has been suggested so far. Remember, the bindstone (/allegiance hometown) is a great resource, making navigation of Dereth that much easier. Second, the future of our allegiance housing! Convenience and prestige for our monarchy demands a Villa! We need 2,000,000 pyreals, 5 writs of refuge, and one of the following items:

If you luck up and snag one of these items, please contribute! Spare pyreals are also necessary. And as for Writs of Refuge, we can all do the newbie quest to get a Writ when we hit level 20. As our lower character level, we can run the quest again and again to stock up for rent, and eventually we will be big enough to hunt diamond golems to earn more but . . . I'm getting way ahead of myself! Just keep these things in mind. The best we can do for now is get money, and hunt, hunt, HUNT! Bigger levels mean easier EVERYTHING!

Level updates: Mythic Spirits level 13, Grace of the Unicorn level 18

The Mythic Spirits

Members of the monarchy.

Mythic Spirits is the namesake of the monarchy as well as a support mage, good for buffs and imperiling/healing in combat. He is also trained in armor tinkering.

Warrior K is one of our flagship members. She is a skilled swordswoman and lockpick.

Glimmer of hope is an archer with aspirations of becoming a tradeswoman.

Mulissa is an axe wielding pack mule.

Grace of the Unicorn is an extreme Crossbow tank, seen here from quarrel-eye-view.

Mage of War is a 4school battle mage! He is perfect for buffing before battle, support during battle, and hanging out afterward.

Gypsy Fire is a mage, and an enthusiastic member of the Mythic Spirits monarchy.

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