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Mathis, Unholy One

Mathis stands an average height, about six feet tall. He prefers to wear his jet-black hair in spikes, which are about a foot tall, and surround his head like a dome. His coat is black, with twin rows of buttons spanning from his chin to his ankles, and slits in the sides up to his hips to allow him to walk and sit comfortably.

His most striking feature is his left eye, which glows a constant red. the other eye is a striking ice blue. His complexion is very pale, he never could seem to get a tan. For weapons, he carries a revolver which has been modified to hold a 12 shot clip. it is a rather large pistol, and he is a very good shot with it. He usually carries a machete as well, in a leather case on his hip. It was forged in the fires of Hell, and is able to cut clean through most materials. He recently acquired a butterfly knife, which he carries either in his pocket or in his boot.

Mathis is generally a nice guy, but he was born a half-demon and tends to be sarcastic. go ahead, approach him.