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wait for the song to play

You are so amazing. There is no one else in the world that could be so
peferct for me. You have made me the happiest I've ever been. After
more than 1 year and 10 months we still haven't had our first fight. If I could change
one thing about our relationship it would be for me to live next to you.
Christmas and Valentine's Day couldn't have been any better. You made
everyday perfect. Ever since we started going out my life has been so
much better. Even when I'm not in a good mood you always know how
to cheer me up. There is just something about you that puts a smile on
my face. We've had so many good times. Oh mann. Like the time when
you were sliding in your ktichen and I accidentally dropped you because
the floor was slippery. Sorry about that one. lol. Also when you were
pouring water and then you spilled it and when you started to drink I
somehow made you laugh and you spit it all over the place. lol. Also
when I went to kiss you at the bowling alley and I missed the armrest
on the chair and I fell. lol. Remember when i was chasing after you right
after it rained at your brother's little league game and my shoe fell off. It
wasn't that funny but you still laugh about it everyday. lol. I love all you
little habits. Most peoples' habits are annoying but for some reason all
of yours are weird or funny. Such as your "everything-has-to-be-even"
habit.You have a great personality too. Most people get mad when
they are told to shut up or when they are made fun of but we just agree.
You are so sweet too. Even though you slap me. Which only hurts a
little so you can keep doing it. We have so many little jokes between
us. "I love you more x infinity x infinity and you can't beat that." "If
you don't do it after this point then you don't love me." and "I demand
you to . . . ." I don't get how it all got started but its fun to do. Another
great thing is . . . . you're so hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, pretty, whatever
you want to call it. You are so amazingly, goodly, superly, greatly, wonderful.
You know its all true. If it was up to me, we'd get married right now so I can
see you every single day and so I can wake up every morning with you
and fall asleep every night with you. That would be the best thing ever.
I can't wait for it to happen!!

You are so . . . .

The straw goes in the strawberry!!