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Hello and welcome to my website



    Hello and welcome to my website/journal thing. Im trying to update some shit still, Im gonna get some pictures and shit up soon but for now this is good. I will try to update almost everyday, because Im cool. And fuck that dead journal and blurty shit, man I got this bitch. now I can like, add pics and shit. I have exactly no clue why you are here, but you must be bored. Now that I have you in my own little hell, why dont you read or get the fuck out. My life is boring, and I lead and live it with proud. Life could get better, but I dont care. Thanks and Fuck you!

        The Wonderful Horrible Life
    I guess this is where I tell you a little about me. My name is Vincent, I like to sk8, play hockey, and get in fights. I dont have much friends, because my friends have either backstabbed me, betrayed me, or used me. I enjoy many different bands. Some of the good shit is like Kottonmouth Kings, Nirvana, uhh shit dude liek Alkaline Trio, Reel Big Fish, blink*182, man shit liek that. I get in trouble with the school a lot, and I enjoy it. Its pretty fun. I'm 12 years old. I am very short. That's mostly all. Now read my journal bitch.
        The Journal Stuff
         3:33 P.M.      
    Well lets see what happened today.. hmmm.. nothing really. craigs being a bitch about his little fruckin guitar cord, and now hes got like mike, paul, and tyler all pissed at me. craigs a little pussy. im sick of his shit, today i just wanted to sock him in the face. well now, i need to go to church for my sisters catechism shit.. how fun. then i got my hockey game, against eastside falcons. they are worse then belle tire and we jsut beat belle tire last week 10 to nothing. well im out, peace, aheva fucked up night.
        6:20 P.M.
    Well i just got back from riding my four-wheeler. I just saw my life flash before my eyes. I went to hit a jump, and all of a sudden my fourwheeler stalled. You know how the jumps have the little gap between them?, well i went right into it, flipped over my handle bars 5 feet into the air, and did a head on collision with the dirt. i blacked out, and all i heard was Shane saying FUCK OH SHIT DUDE. i cant even remember what happened at school today, my back kills, my arm hurts, i have a migraine, todays not the best. well, im out. peace
        4:23 P.M.
    Today was really stupid. I got in trouble and got an afterschool because I was in the library and I threw my pencil up at the ceiling and it got stuck. Mrs. Hart saw me so I got ratted out. I could give a crap less. Well now Im here, sitting with nothing to do, so Im gonna go ride my fourwheeler, and have my mom sign my afterschool. Have a fucked day.