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March Meeting Minutes


Minutes From March Meeting: March Meeting was held 3-24-2013, At the American Legion Post, Colchester, VT. 12 members present. Treasury: As of 3-24-2013, $3115.68, with 50 paid members. We would like to have all members pay their 2013 dues ($20.00) ASAP. We are constantly updating our members list, so please contact J. Thurber, PO Box 223, 218 Malletts Bay Ave, Colchester, VT 05446, with your membership renewal. This will be a good time to pay your dues for 2013. Hopefully we will have some paid parades this year. Remember participation in these parades and events helps fund other club functions, like the dinner at the Stowe auto show and the cook out after the Hardwick Parade. And the Rally.

New Club News:
Funding for club events will be voted on, in the past, the Hardwick Memorial Day Parade Cookout and club meeting at John desGroselliers $125.00. The cookout at Stowe $200.00. If you have not been to these two events in the past make it a point to be there this next year.

From the Editor:
We are in the process of getting the newsletter back on a regular monthly schedule. Tom Buckowski has volunteered to revive the newsletter, with the assistance of George Agnew. We are going to do a Motorpool section, highlighting members ongoing restorations and Maintenance, Starting this section will be Gerry Boucher and his 1945 Willy’s MB. Also, a new section on Military History Preserved, Read on and please feel free to contribute. Photos will be included in an attachment to e-mail version only.

Newsletter mailing vs. e-mail:
In order to get the club back on track we are going to be sending the newsletter by snail mail and e-mail also through the club Yahoo group. 2013 Rally News: I have to mention this again. This was the second year at this site, we will be going back in 2013. The site is located off Rt 2 north of Waterbury, at the field next to the Cider House Restaurant. This is great. The access and the visibility are the best. The site can be seen from the Interstate. The best news is it is Flat ground, all of it. So no more fighting for the one flat spot to set your tent. Also we have the use of the field at no cost. Advertising for the rally has been sent in to the usual publication and will appear in the coming editions. On Friday Evening a ride into the Ethan Allen Firing Range is in the works. This is the beginning of the 50th anniversary of the Viet Nam Conflict, there will be a dedicated GP medium tent set up for Honoring those who have served. The VTNG will be set up to recruit for the Aviation and Engineering units. Tenting for club operations is still an issue. It would be nice to find some appropriate tents for Registration and other displays.

Club Storage:
Storage is now comprised of one M105 trailer currently located at the residence of Don Gale in Lincoln VT. And other club property in various locations in Vermont.

This is the beginning of the 50th anniversary of the Viet Nam Conflict, There will be various events trough out the year.
May 27th Underhill and Jericho Memorial Day Parade.
MAY 25 2013, Military Living History Day at Battleship Cove. The 20th Century Military Revue timeline (Limited to: ww1, ww2, Korean Conflict, Vietnam War, Granada & Cold War '45-89. Space is Limited.) Static displays, Period Equipment, and period Military Vehicles are welcome.

August 17, Gilsum, NH 250th Anniversary Celebration : My name is Linda Collins and I am on the Gilsum, NH 250th Anniversary Celebration Committee. I was given your name by the Vermont Historical Society as a contact for live encampments and demonstrations.
Gilsum will be celebrating it's 250th Anniversary on August 17, 2013. We will be having a parade in the morning that I wondered if you might like to participate in and also have you set up somewhere during the remainder of the day as a living encampment. I think it would be a great asset to our event. We are doing a Memorial Wall dedicated to the men and women who served during the wars set up in our elementary school so that people can walk through and pay their respects.
Do you think you would be interested in possibly sending some of your group over to Gilsum (located just 5 miles north of Keene, NH) and if so could you please let me know what the fee would be to have your group involved in our celebration. Again, thank you for your time and hope that you will consider joining us on the 17th of August.

Make A Wish:
May 4-5 Middlesex Paintball Site, Derek Chase has a OP for "Make-a-Wish" and the young man's wish is to play airsoft and check out some military vehicles. This will be located at our former rally site in Middlesex, Derek has leased the paintball field for airsoft this year these are the details Operation Phoenix / Make A Wish game The first Event for Vermont’s newest Airsoft field MACV is limited to 120 players. Featuring MILSIM style scenario play with added immersion with use of military vehicles. A 14-year-old boy named Michael Bergstrom from North Dakota suffers from Progressive Mitochondrial Disease. This is a disease that eventually will lead to a premature death. Michael has this disease but that shouldn’t stop him from becoming a special operator for at least one day. “Mitochondrial Disease is a progressive disorder in which the cells of the body do not make enough energy to sustain bodily functions. Mitochondria are found in every cell of the body except red blood cells and are responsible for creating more than 90% of the energy the body needs to sustain life and promote growth. When the mitochondria do not work properly, less and less energy is generated and cell injury and death are the end result.” Michael always wanted to serve in the US Armed Forces. He wanted to serve honorably just like his real heroes do day in and day out. The Make-A-Wish Foundation came to us as Michael’s make a wish was to experience a GMSOG event! When we told him GMSOG was closing he said GMSOG or nothing! Please come out and help us give Michael the best event you can imagine. We have some special surprises for Michael, the army guard will be joining us with some toys, along with some former SF members. We ask that team’s please bring some extra patches or small size tee shirts from your teams for him as it would mean the world to him.
May 4 at 9:00am to 6:00pm
May 5 at 9:00am to 6:00pm
Registration :
Location: MACV – Military Airsoft Club Vermont
1098 US Route 2, Middlesex, Vermont 05602

Waterloo Khaki 2013:
August 1-2-3 , the Québec Military Vehicle enthusiasts are organizing a 3-day even in Waterloo, QC: Waterloo Khaki 2013. We invite all those who wish to share in our love of History and Military vehicles of all eras. The City of Waterloo is providing us with a fenced-in soccer pitch for our vehicles and tents, etc, located near the local arena where we will have access to facilities such as bathrooms, showers, etc.
The schedule is still under discussion but so far, we have arrival and set-up on the Thursday (Aug 1); Participation is free for all, includes parking and use of arena for showers, etc; breakfasts, lunches and dance will have a charge to be determined. I know there are many things happening this summer but Waterloo is an easy drive down Highway 10 in the Eastern Townships, only 50 min. from Montreal and 40 min. from the US border. Parking for civilian vehicles and trailers will be available at the front of the Arena and is secure, leaving the assembly ground clear for Military Vehicles and camp. Please be sure to mark your calendars and pass the invite along to other enthusiasts. If you want more information, do call 450-539-4172 . In order to help the organizing committee, please let us know if you are interested in attending, with what vehicle(s), if you plan to camp, need a display area, wish to be part of the flee market. Hope some of you can make it for the 4 days or even if it were just for a day or 2, I'm sure fun will be had by all.