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MMU Egg Drop

Rules, Requirements, and Egg Information

First, we sat down and created a concept for the drop.

Next, we contructed our drop container from the following materials:

Then we put a raw egg into the drop container and tested it by dropping it out of a second story window.



Mass of container: 512.7 gMass of Egg: 66.1 gLength: 31 cmTime of fall: 1.07 s Height from which box fell: 15 ft EIF: 1.0 Drop zone score: 3Final Score: 52,586.6

Analysis & Calculations
To convert our raw data into a score, we used this formula.
______10,000 contest points + DZ______ x EIF = SCORE
total mass(kg) x length(m) x time of fall (s)
We found our DZ (drop zone) by matching the ring in which our box landed with its corresponding points. Our box landed in the third ring, so we received 500 DZ points. Our egg was intact after the collision, so our EIF was 1.0. From our data, the total mass was 578.8 g, or .5788 kg. The length was 31 cm, or .31 m. The time of fall was 1.07 s. This is what our equation looked like:
__10,000 + 500__ x 1 = 52586.6 = score
So, our score was 52586.6.

We also had to find the percent error of drop time. To find this, we used the formula observed actual x 100. The observed time is our recorded time, which was 1.07 seconds. The actual time was given in class as .97 seconds.
So our equation was
1.07 - .97 x 100 = 10% error.

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