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Over the years, thousands of people have taken our Love Prediction and our predictions came true every single time. We will let you do the Love Prediction for FREE; in return, we hope you will tell your friends about Crush Calculator. (Thatís how you got here, right?)

Crush Calculator predicts your future Love based on your answers on a few questions (We will analyze your answers using our patented Crush-O-Matic program). Crush Calculator will tell you the nature of your boyfriend or girlfriend, first and last crush
Remember; this is a game of honesty. To get the best predictions, you have to answer the following questions honestly otherwise our Crush-O-Matic will analyze the wrong sets of data!
The Basics :
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The Questions :
1. Name of your biggest crush:
2. Name of your first crush:
3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend ?
(Jump to Question 6 if you answered no)
4. If Yes, Write down his/her name:
5. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, what is the current status of your relationship ?
6. Ever had sex in your life ?
7. Do you watch porn sites/movies ?
8. How many times do you masturbate in a week ?
9. Are you attracted to an individual of the same sex ?
10. Which skin color would you prefer in your partner ?
11. What turns you ON the most ? (Hair, eyes, etc)
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