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Ultimate Chaos

Layne vs Edge



Camera opens to a shot of Layne sitting at a bar. He is enjoying a drink and listening to the house band plays some tunes. He is wearing a leather coat and a pair of sunglasses, just like Corey Hart he wears his sunglasses at night. He keeps sippin his drink as a man walks over wearing a blue New York Giants jersey and a pair of blue jean pants. He shakes Layne's hand and introduces himself

Hi, nice to meet you Layne, my name is Jeremy Shockey and I play for the New York Giants and I am the best tight end in the world, and Bill Parcells is a homo.

Layne looks at Jeremy, excited to meet a famous athlete, especially one for a sub .500 team and one that is considered a laughing stock for a city that is also home to the Jets. Layne takes a drink and introduces himself back to the famous football player.

Well it is nice to meet you Mr. Shockey, you are one hell of a football player. You Know I have a big match this Tuesday against a returning Edge, and this week I'm not even gonna drink before, unlike last week, damn Natty Light.

: Hey Layne nothing wrong with drinking, I drink before games all the time, it's all in good fun.

Yeah but I gotta start being more serious now, gotta be a real competiter like so many of the others in this fed, or I could goof off and eat candy like Reagan did, maybe I'll get elected president that way. Anyways I noticed this Edge dude likes to hang out in boiler rooms. As far as I know there is only one cool person that hangs out in a boiler room and it's this guy right here.



Yeah Freddy that's the ticket. Edge you might be all dark and BROODing but I tell you want, I'm not always such a happy go lucky dude. I am going to take out my revenge on you Mister Copeland and I will make your debut one to remember. So what if you are a new person in the fed, hey I'm pretty new too all it means is the ring rats go to you before they start going after the legends like Torch or Goldberg, man those dudes can score some quality tang, all I've been getting since I started is the bottom of the barrel stuff that only Albany has to offer.

: You know man our summer camp is in Albany.

Wow thanks for the insiteful commentary there Shockey, anyways Edge you are about to step into the ring with me and I can only say good luck to you, you know why, cause you don't seem like such a bad dude. You're allright, hanging out in the boiler rooms, hell this one time I was real depressed and I wanted to go hang out with all the cool goth kids, then I found out there was no cool goth kids so I decided to say fuck it and I just drank or whatever. Edge get ready to step into my world this Tuesday, I am going to kick your ass and after that, I think I will attempt to make myself a number 1 contender for a title, probally gonna start off small when the ring rats see gold they gotta flock to it, maybe then I will be able to get some better quality tang.

Dude if you wanna get some better quality tang just hang out with the Shockmiester, hey check this out see that hot blonde over there talking to that dude, check this out.

Jeremy walks over and starts to talk to the girl who is with another dude.

: Hey baby, you wanna hang out with that the Shockinater or do you wanna be with that homo you got on your arm.

The girl throws her drink at Jeremy as she leaves with a very bad look on her eyes. 

Yeah, way to bring your A game there Shockey.

: Hey man, doesn't bother me any, she was obviously a homo anyways.

Layne looks disturbed by Jeremy's frequent use of a non pc word like that. After an awkward moment of silince Layne begins to speak again.

Ok Jeremy better luck next time. Now back to my match.

: Yeah man, it's obvious to anyone that's not a homo you are going to beat Edge on Tuesday

Dude would you please stop talking like that. Yeah this Tuesday it's me mano against mano with Edge, it's going to be a hell of a fight and I actually feel kinda bad that Edge is gonna be 0-1 to start off his career. That's ok though since I am sure he will be able to get a couple wins when he is facing some less stiff competition. Speaking of stiff did you see that trailing for the Girl Next Door movie where the chick from 24 was all like "I'm all wet can I come in"

: Damn right I did, she looks like she wants some of the Shockinater.

Dude no one wants any of the Shockinater.

: What's that homo.

Nevermind, lets just finish our drinks and head over to Scores.

: Yeah man sounds good to me.

Ok, last Tuesday Edge, get ready for your first defeat, but don't feel bad when I beat you, I rarely lose and I am sure in the next couple of weeks you'll pick up your own share of victories, and maybe we can meet again someday down the road. Till then, get ready for Layne time on Tuesday.

: And Parcells you're a homo.

Just then Layne slaps Jeremy across the face.

I'm Rick James bitch!

Camera shows the two men finishing their drinks and heading out of the bar. The screens fades to a commercials for XWF/UWW/CWW or whatever it is called.