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//Is Known As..*x....Stacey....x*

//Is Known As.. *Steph* </3

//Nicks..Baboo, Stace, Babe, Chicka, Frenchmen

//Nicks..Steph, Steffy, Teff, Brat

//Ag3.. 14

//Ag3..14... Dats Rite

//Status..Taken.....<3Luvin G3org3<3

//Status..Single + Lookin

//As S33n..Brown Eyez...Brown Hair...5 Foot 2

//As S33n.. Brown/ Black Hair, Hazel Eyes...5 Foot 4

//Skool.. Chambly Academy

//Skool.. Chambly Academy

//Likez..Dancin.... Shoppin.... Music.... Friendz.... <3G3org3<3....Mia Quartz.... Moviez.... St3ffy.... $$Moulahh$$.... Jewelry.... Peircingz....Heartz....Talkin On Da Fonez....Coke....French Friez.... Sl33pOvaz.... Eating.... Sl33ping.... MSN.... Lollipops.... Popcorn...Candiezzz....

//Likez..Music. Movies. Porn. Boys. Chiken. Lipgloss. Msn. Friends. BK Fries. Pizza. Eyeliner. Stacey<3. Mia Quatez!. Phone. Shopping. Greenday. Tv. Sleepovas. Piercings. Eating. Sleeping

//Dislikez..Whorezzz.... Playazz.... Midget Porn.... Mean Ppl.... Wannabes.... Ppl who try to dance n can't.....Country Music..... Cleaning.... Dishez....

//Dislikez..People who can't sing for 2 shitz. Sluts. Fish. Mean People. Rich Wannabes. Sister. Big Stomachs. Geeks. Players. Lil Anoying Kids. Business People. Cheap Porn.





Our Gurlz....



Heyyyeee Kwystal!! Wassup Wassup! Havn't Known yu For Dat Long But Itz Been soooo Fun!!! lol At Jenz House With Chicken And Porn!! The Rock Oustide Of School !! Talkin On Da Fonez!! How We Used To Talk Till Like 4 Wit Jess N Daniel!! Mia Quartaz!!! Love Yuzzz sooooo Much!!! xoxoxoxoxo Best Friendz 4 Lyfe!! <3<3

<3 Love Stace <3

Heye mia Pimpolla!! comment va tu? moi me bien eheh 2 2 many good tymez wit yu!! ahha at the moviez boy shoppin hehe yu and yur lil italian friendz from heritage..hehe are lil inside jkz wit stacey!! if yu kno wat im talkin about..in science!! da best! wit stacey + melly..hee cheatin on each tests!! aha these past years wit yu were the best! On da phone wit chu all night lol yu were the first one i told.. hehe *wink wink*.friendz 4eva..je taime beacoup ma belle!!! x0x0x

Steph </3




Heyyeeee Jennay!!! whut's up hunz?!!? Havn't known ya for that long either!! but we've made a couple memoriez!!! heheh so much fun wit yu!! at yur house and everything!! Like our lil connectionzzz lolz, yur house with yur yu know who n my yu know who! lol N Danielz house! Spin the bottle at yur house n mine! Chicken And Porn!! With Ketchup And Barbeque Sauce!! Party At My House!! All Thos Tymez Stayin Afta Skool, The Variety Show Dance,,, Parteeeeyy At My House!! lol fun tymez... anywaiz Love Yu Lotz Best Friendz 4 Lyfe.. xoxox

<3 Love Stace <3

Hey d-jennz!! how yu doin? me nuthin..haha good tymes wit yu...yur lil stories about yu kno who...yu kno im alwaiz here 4 yu..hehe ahah yu soo funn to be wit..haha i could tell yu anythin...hah at the moivez...playij in the arcade...hehe stayin on the phone all nite...doin  stufff..*cough cough* lolll 2 many memorize wit toi!!! hehe yur the bezt jenny!!! and i hope everythin good happenz wit yu and yur luva byez x0x0 we ride 2geta we die 2getha!!! for shure!

Steph </3




 ASHY!!! Love yu sooo much Baby Gurl!!! Can't Believe Yu Moved We gotz So many memz it's not even funny!! haha Memba Da Candy Fight at my house!!! That was great i woulda forgot if yu didn't remind me!! we've got memoriez since about grade 5 till now and Hopefully more after! Not All good but lets forget the bad!! hehe i can sit here and just list memoriez and everything about you but that'll probably take up the entire site!!! So anywaizz i love yu so much!! i miss yu wit all my Heart<3! hope to see ya soon, i'll be down there!!! We ride 2getha, We die 2getha! Bad Galz 4 Lyfe!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

<3 Love Stacey <3

Heyee Ashley!! whats up? hehe dont rl kno yu too too weel..but soon enough we will meet and becummme good friendz! yu hve to cum down soon! i rrl rrl want to see yu! stace goes on and on about yu <3!! hehe cant wait till see yu!!! byez byez x0x0x luv yu lotz!!

Steph </3




Heyyee Mary!!!! Whut's up hunz!! It's soooo much fun hanging out with yu at the moviez and your too funny!! lol haha remember in art when yu were Loydine!! lol i love yur elephant!! Yur House afta skool with steph, that was fun too!! the pizza and iron our hair!! we gotta do that again!! we gotta hang out more it'll be sooo much fun!! anywaizz love yas lotzzz xoxoxoxox

<3 Love Stace <3

Heyye Patrick? whats up dj butter ballz?? hehe 2 2 many good tymez wit yu! ahah yur house! the bext tymez! aww and yu + paul <3 cute couple hehe sleepovaz at yur house...he eatin cinimon popcorn..yummmy..AHH ARE SISTERS ARE FRIENDS! crazyness! hehe we bextfriends...they good friendz? hehe *wink wink* ahha yur dog sandy! she is my sdog now lmao aha so many great tymez..ahah and more to cumm..byez x00x luv yu lotz bella je taime <3 u+me=4eva

Steph </3




Heyyeee Meggie!!!! hehehe so many memz!! haha memba Spendin like 2 Hours cleanin my keyboard, Givin my dog a bath cuz she smelt Nastteeeeyy!!!! lolz!!! so much fun wit yu!!! Moviez,, my first tyme sleepin at yur place!!! MUFFINZZZ at like 1 a.m.!!! lol if yu go to sleep ima sit on yu lol and i fall asleep first!!! haha after like the first five minutes! too funny!! yu got the most comfortable bed eva!! i love it!!! hehehe anywaiizzzz g2g buh byezz xoxoxoxo love yas!!!

<3 Stace <3

Heyye meag0n!!! wazzzz up? hhehe yur soo funnny!!! <3 i hve the bestest timez wit yu!! hehe yu and alex <3 thats soooo cute!! heh and i was first to kno!!! dats rite!! i knew along sumthin was goin on!! hehe...now its yur turn to find me a bf!! yes yes..hehe remember in like grade 5 ..yu were in my class!! heh my b-day party.. yu brought me a bestfriend neckless..i think i still have it!! aha welll g2g byez love yu lotz and 4eva bella! x0x0x mwahh

Steph </3




Heyyyeee melly!!! what's up?!?!?! lol havn't know yu too long!! like pretty much most ppl in chambly but yur awesome!! we've had some fun tymez at skool!! lol in science class!! yu alwaiz get like perfect!!! Art haha i love your giraffe!! tony's so cute!! lol and my prairie dog with like oversized feet!! too funny!! thanx for saving me from derek!!! lol he's gonna turn around and kill one of us one of these daizzz! lol everyone was like starin at him it's sooo funny!! anywaizzz love yuu lotz mel!! buh byez xoxox

<3 Love Stace <3

Heyee MELLY!!! haha how yu doin? me good good..hehe i luv yur attitude1!! yur sooo honest!! LMAO!! aha are gym dance is goin to be amazinn!!! i could picture it now!! ahah im soo excited! aha poor stace with a stocker! (derek) haah in science class writin him a note..telllin him to lay off OUR stacey!! aha 2 2 funny...and yu with yur *Yu didnt hear it frum me* lmao ahah i luv yu melly yu rock ma world! hehehe byez byez x00xx mwahh luv yu !!!!!!!!

Steph </3




Heyyee ade!!!! lol whuts up?!?! yu sooo funny!! so many memz with yu!!! i've known yu longer then most ppl at chambly!! haha Thanx for tackling derek!! lol sux yu broke yur nose!! but yu got him down!! lol and he flew!!!That's Great!!! Rememba when George and sean wanted to go talk to him, we were tryin to be casual and we pretended we were on the fonez wit eachotha! lol or This is a nice fountain,, i think it's made outta Copper Solphate...isn't that likea blue powder?!?! LMAO!! too funny!! anywaizz love yu lotz n lotz buh byez xoxox

<3 Love Stace <3

Heyyee Adebigy!! whats up? hehe good tymes wit yu..=) yur soo purrrttty!! aha i hope yur nose gets betta!!! tears tears! and i hope yu get to see yur luva dustin again.! aha yu were suppose to go to da moviez friday wit me and go boy shoppin!! oh weel their is alwaiz this week!! ade im soo lonely!!! i hvae no body of my own! lmao jkz jkz even tho its true..haa in geo class watchin the boring ass movie..!! hehe the musci made yu smile!! =) hehe ..i dont evn kno whats it was about!! =o oh well g2g byez luv yu lotz bella! mwahhh x0x0x0x

Steph </3




Heyyeee Jess!! hehe i've known yu like the longest outta all the chambly ppl, except Daniel, Jay and andres!! we've had so much fun!! used to alwaizz talk on the phone!! till like 4!! lol Yur soo gorgeous!! memba in summa after la ronde comin to my place to get ready for the moviez and the lil gangsta kids around the corner! lol or when me and KC slept at yur place!! that was so fun! park in pjz! and those nasty gurlz!! we had sooo much fun!! and i love yur eyez!!! love yu sooo much!!! xoxoxoxox <3

<3 Love Stace <3

Heyye jess!!! haha yu green contactz!!! craxyness!! i notice them rite away!! soo purrtty =) hehe good tymez wit yu on the phone wit like 3ish until yu fell a sleeep!! ahha alwaiz...hehe at yur b-day!! sleepova! crazy ass funn!! watchin porn!!! AHAH STEPH THATS SOO FAKE! the lil anjel suckin the devil! hehe  2 2 funny...prankin ppl...AHAH MY PUSSY BURNING! aha funnny!! hheh melly prnakin her own mom! aha at the moviez wit yu are soo funn! =) hehe yu and james <3 yu are are the cutest couple eva!! hehe on the phone wit dan!! fukken guy man!! tryin to break yu and james up!! i dont fuken think soo!!! fuken bastard!! luv yu lotz byez byez x0x00x mwahh

Steph </3


Otha Gurlz...

Anjel..... Cameron.... Anna.... Steph S..... Jessica.... Alexandra....Shawn....Kristina.... Cassoundra.... Vic.... Ky....

Our Boiz....



Heyyee Hunz!! I love ya so much!! Yu've got No ideas!! I love bein wit yu n juss talkin to ya on da fonez!!! Yur like the sweetest guy eva! lol even if im a ditcher! lol just kidding!! I know yuz jokin wit me it dont bug me at all! :D Hehe Yur the best! i love yu so much!! and yu da crazeeest Danca i know!!!! Love yu so much George!! <3<3<3 alwaizz will!! Don't hurt yurself or anything! i dunt know what i would do! if yu do ima hurt yu! lol jkz!! 

<3 Love Stace <3

hey georgie!!! hehe 2 2 many good tymez with yu! ahha yu soo short but its soo cute! and i hope everythin is betta for yu..becuz im rrl sad when i see yu sad! hehe yu and stacey are soo cute <3 yu betta not break her heart becuz i will break yur neck biatch! hehe MY BOO is my song!!! and only mine ok! no rite yur usher and im alicia! haha 2 funny! well g2g byez byez later playa! x0x0x mwahh
steph </3




Heyyeee Babez!!! whuts up stevie!!! awww i miss ya hunny!! we don't talk much! and sometimez when i see yu we still don't talk!! i miss seein yu at centennial everyday!! it sux!! we had soo much fun!! lolz!!! we gotzta hang out more k cookie?!? yu know what yu don't even have the choice were gonna hang out more! lol i don't get to see ya as often or hug ya as much as i used to!! i rememebr the first tyme i met yu in class in sec 1! when yu were like in love wit isa woooo long tyme ago!! hehe anywaizz bye babez! xoxox

<3 Love Stace <3

Heyee sexy! how yu doin? me nuthin..hehe i meet yu this summer and yu soo sweet!! yu alwaiz kno how to make me smyle!! hehe ahh i feel like i knew yu for like foreva! aha yu black hair is soo sexyy! and yur not ugly yu lil shit!!! alot of gurls jaw dropz!! and yu kno it!!!! yur too hot to touch hehe =) i hope we finnaly start hangin out 2getha!! we neva talk like my use too =( it rrl sad...well g2g byez x0x0x mwahh Steph




Heyye Daniel!!! whuts up?!?! we've had sooo many memz!!! it's been great!!! all summer at yur place and mine! moviez, mall!! camping! hotel! name it and we've been there!! it's been sooo much fun!! probably my best summa ever!! we still betta keep in touch no matta what happens! I could go on and on just sayin stuff but all i wanan say is yur awesome!! and yu like one of my best friends!! ( even tho the timez yu call me it's to see if i'm talkin to Jenny or Krystal, well most of the tyme atleast ) hope therz gon be more memz to come!  lolz buh byez xoxox

<3 Love Stace <3

Heyye Mr big!!! hehe how yu doin? me im good good




Heyyee Cody!!! haha i remmeber the day we met!! in the cafeteria at centennial with kelsey!! funny tymez.. we still didn't rly talk much after that well until this summa atleast!! we had so much fun this summer at danielz house and stuff!! like when we all went to the skatepark and me and meagan were sliding down the ramps lol!! or playing tetris and yu spent like half an hour staright saying guy.. lol those are the funniest tymez! lol N At Jennyz.. Smirnoff! lolz anywaizz ! buh byezz xox

<3 Love Stace <3





DANNY!!!!! heyye!!! omg i miss yu soooo much!!! haha rememba all the tymez in English and history!! alwaizz gettin in trouble but alwaizz sittin next to eachotha anywaizz!! we had so much fun in those classes!!! and our lockerz right next to eachother!! best tymez eva!! lol i miss yu soo much i miss that lil face yu do every time yu see me yu like look at me with yur lil attitude look and like look away but then yu alwaiz smile and laugh and hug me after!! i love it!! hehe we have to see eachtoehr soon!! yu betta come see me at skool eh! i'll be waitin for ya!! anywaizz hope to talk n see yu soon!! Pinks The Best Color ehh danny!! remember who got yu started on that!! hehe dats rite it waz me!! and don't yu forget it!! and those spiderman magenst i got yu!! hehe buh byez xoxox love yas!!!

<3 Love Stace <3





Heyyee jamez!! i've known yu since like grade 4!! dats just crazzee!! memba when yu cut my eye open!! i'll neva forget that day! or when we used to call yu jimbo in grade 6!! fun tymez!! it's crazee how we still hang out your soo funny!! love all the stories yu tell!! their so funny!! yu and jess are like the cutest couple eva!! <3 i love yu both!! anywaizz buh byez xoxoxo love yas

<3 Love Stace <3


Otha Boiz....

Sean.... Jerry.... Tasso.... Matt.... Jay.... Andres.... Jay.... Marc.... Shawn.... Lil Cam.... Tyler.... Shayne.... Chris.... Peter.... Kris....Nicko.... Max.... John.... Anthony.... Chad.... Alex.... Steve A.... Mitchel.... Paul....lanvin....Justin.... Amar.... Jamie.... Julien.... Jc.... Benn.... Angelo.... Fintan.... Dustin....