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Clark's Radio Controlled Airplane Hangar

My Planes

Tower Voyager
Kangke F3A 40
Goldberg Tiger 2
Hangar 9 Cap232
Profile Plane

My Favorite Web Sites

Buy all sorts of neat stuff on ebay!!!
Everything you need for your airplanes can be found at Tower Hobbies
Check out the cap232 I'm going to be flying soon!!(nevermind, plane is now discontinued and link is dead)
Talk about cool airplane stuff with other addicts like myself


More cool R/C airplane stuff to follow as I figure all this out

Here is a picture of the airplane I will be flying next year!

The kickBUTT! Hangar 9 CAP 232 1/4 scale aerobat!
Mine is all white, but I'll be trimming it out in metallic purple and neon green,
Something like this:

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