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How do you feel about censorship?

We are doing something that we have been constantly warned about! We are rejecting well-placed advice! We are... letting you guys tell us your opinions on Censorship.

We only ask one thing of you guys... please use free speech responsibly.

That means... no flame wars, no threats, no harassment. You can use whatever language you like, you can say whatever you want, but be prepared for the consequences!

The forum is open to anyone interested in censorship. You must have a USABB Membership. This is easy to get (just send an email to our address with "membership please" in the heading) and does not require much (if you don't really want it, just delete the bi-monthly USABB Rag). But, if you do not have one, your post may be deleted.

The forum won't be moderated excessively: we will not delete posts that offend us.

If conversation lags, we might pose a question or situation to you guys, and you tell us what you would do, or what you think. We might also ask for opinions about our site and others.

One last thing: conversations won't be monitored so, if someone is threatening you, you must tell the USABB moderators. We won't know otherwise.

Without further ado...

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