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Who made this mess!?

We did. *Guilty looks.* And who are we? We are...

is our Director of Development and Design. She is the creator, editor and finder of many of the graphics you see on this page. She also helps to find links and some information. And she goes through deleting things she doesn't like and cleaning up after Meg.

Martin is the guy responsible for the newsletter. He makes up the USABB Rag every two months and sends it out to subscribers. If you would like to subscribe, just send an email with your address and "suscription" in the subject line to our email (below). He actually does have blue hair.

Karla is our Director of Correspondance. If you receive a reply from USABB's hotmail account, it's probably from Karla. When we're really busy, we bug Karla, and she helps us out a bit with research.

Meg is the Director of Research and Development. She creates the webpages you see on this site. She writes the information out in an understandable way and creates many links. She does most of the work. (Yes, this is her typing this.)

All four webmasters are grade 9 Canadian Students at the same school. Three out of four of them are of Celt descent, which is why that "Time for Peace" ribbon is on the front page.

All StorTrooper images were taken from Shameless plug for Go make yourself! It's fun, easy and free!! (They didn't kill us for stealing their stuff! Either that, or they haven't found out yet! Don't tell them!)

You are listening to a midi of Portishead's chill out masterpiece, Roads. AND YOU CAN'T STOP IT. *evil laughter* Enjoy endless listening.

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