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Updates to USABB

This is a page designed to help you (the site navigator) understand exactly what we (the crazy psychos behind the keyboard) have been doing (verb: to do) with this website.

Ideally, this will be the code used here:

Pages Updated
Who did it
How to find the page (and the link will work, unlike this one)
(The links will be in the order of most recent at top, to oldest at bottom)

March 1st, 2002
Created: A CHAT ROOM!!!! Yes it's true, after five whole hours of ripping off other people's code, we've done it: a real time chat room, so say goodbye to that crummy forum.
Done by: You had better believe it, I Martin, have finally made a worthwhile contribution to USABB.
Just go to the chat page and sign in, my name is Zorthor by the way and I have appointed myself official moderator of the chat room....oooh, the power.

June 4th, 2001
Created: Nothing yet, but the idea to turn USABB into a frames-extrvaganza is running around in Mariel's head, we just thought we'd warn you.
Done by: Well it'll be her mostly, but this is Meg warning you
Link: Dammit, my own categorizing system is working against me! There is no new page, hence: no link.

June 2nd(nearly June 3rd... *yawn*), 2001
Created: Campaigns supported page
Done by: Meg, again. (I seem to see a pattern...)
Campaigns USABB Supports

June 2nd, 2001
Created: New (relevant) poll
Done by: Meg (who is at home because she broke her ankle)
Relevant Poll

May 31, 2001
Created: Update Page
Updated: Added MIDI to History page
Took down poll
Done by Meg (as per usual)
Updates page (you're on it!)

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