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Thank You's

Students United is a combined effort. We are thankful to the following people especially.

Dave(y), for his fab banner (which is below) and support in the way of HTML type things.

Leah, for her constant HTML support, and for her correcting the coding Davy got wrong.

Bune, for always telling us (especially Meg) about how little we actually know about computers. Also for his ever helpful HTML tutorial.

The Posse, for coming to our site even though they don't really care. They still pretend to.

Thank you to the musicians who have (unknowingly) provided hours of listening entertainment as we struggled with HTML, javascript, images, copyright laws, incomprehensible emails, frustrating codes and otherwise caused our computers to shut down. Musicians whose music has made it into our disk drives (and Napster databases, heh heh) include: The Misfits, Pearl Jam, U2, Bob Marley, Elvis (yeah!), Rage Against the Machine, The Beastie Boys, The Tragically Hip, Matthew Good Band, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Ramones, The Beatles, The Offspring (old stuff), Moby and Nirvana.(Also all that weird techno-classical stuff Mariel listens to.... who knows who that's by!)

Many thanks to Hotmail, who have provided us with an endless, steady string of spam and other crap in our inbox. Who else would drive us to sobbing break downs? How else would we stay up till all ours of the night rejecting a daily dose of 105 needless messaged advertising free, low quality, animated Japanese Porn? We need this stuff, we really do. (What can I say? Spam makes you bitter.)

An extra special thank you to Moby, whose music has often times stopped me from hurling my monitor onto the street below.

Thanks to everyone who wrote/writes about this site and told/tells other people about it.

Thanks to those who sent us links to their pages and linked our age to theirs. Especially Feminists for Free Expression, who are always very supportive.

So far that's it, but your name will probably soon be here!

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