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Ribbon Campaigns We Support

( The ribbon we used beside the link to this page on the index is taken from the "Protest Everything" page (at: We thank the creator for generously letting us use his ribbon.)

Because the index was getting far, far, far too cluttered, we collected all the ribbon campaigns we support, and we've posted them here. They are not listed in terms of relevance (eg. we don't value ironic speech over horses). Please visit the sites of origin if you have any questions or comments.

Responsibility in free speech

End All Horse End All Horse Slaughter NOW!Slaughter NOW!

Peace for Ireland

The AIDS Ribbon

Legalize Marijuana: Hemp for all

Organ Donors Save Lives!

Crimson Ribbon Campaign for Unity in Diversity

And, if you're not tired of ribbons by now, please put the USABB Support ribbon up on your site. The link is below. We appreciate your support!

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