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Join Our Ribbon Campaign!

Have you long been waiting for a way to display your love, affection, obsession, regard and respect for USABB? Have you looked with disgust at a simple word link to our page? Have you prayed at night for a way to show the world that you can think for yourself and are against literary censorship? Have you long felt a gaping hole in your soul (and your webpage!) that you knew could only be filled with one thing?

Dry your tears! Get up off your knees! Step back from the ledge!


And the ribbon is yours for the taking. Please use this ribbon to link us to your page, or just to show that you care.

You can upload it to your hard drive and then insert it onto your page, or simply email us with "coding" in the subject line, and we will send you the HTML.

Please email us anyways if you choose to put this ribbon up; we'll post a link to your page right here!

Think you can do better? By all means, send us a ribbon that you think is better! We'll give you credit and use it if it's better than ours!

Thanks to Ribbon-o-matic.

And, by popular demand, here is the We Love Mariel Ribbon! (Feel free to post this one too, though I don't know why you'd want to...)

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