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Why is Censorship Offensive?

There are three main reasons that USABB (and people in general) are opposed to censorship. These apply to all censorings, but especially to those of educational or literary categories. The three reasons are...

It is presumptuous and insulting to assume that a reader cannot choose what he or she wants to read. It is presumptuous because censorship decides for the reader what is appropriate or not. Every reader is different, and everyone has a different opinion about what they can and what they cannot take. It is insulting because it infantizes the reader, assuming that he or she cannot decide for his or herself what he or she can read.

It is an infringement on the basic right of free speech that is stressed in Amnesty International's human rights charter. We all have the right to free speech. We should use it responsibly, but, if we do not, it is up to the individual to not read what offends them. It is not acceptable to censor a man or woman because you disagree with their views on something.

It is dangerous and nurtures ignorance. Denying some subjects does not make them go away. Taking books out of the classroom because they cover uncomfortable subjects is not the answer. Denying the existence of child abuse does not make the abusers go away. It just makes everyone ignorant to what is happening behind closed doors and oblivious to its consequences. It is dangerous because it encourages this ignorance.

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