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If you've received an email about membership from USABB with this address, go to the bottom of the page for furthur instructions.

Do you want to be a part of USABB? Even if you don't, it's a good idea. It's simple, free, quick and fun... well, it's fun for us. Not convinced? Here's what you get:

--A newsletter (the USABB Rag, which comes out on the 8th of every other month)

--An optional USABB link for your homepage

--Status and Prestige

--Direct correspondance with USABB Moderators

--The ability to post on our Forum

--Update notification, as well as "emergency news" notification

--The knowledge that you're making a difference

Wow, aren't you lucky!! And all you have to do is...

1. Send us an email from your account with "Membership Please" in the subject. Please also include the email address at which you would like to receive the newsletter.

2. Wait for our reply, which will signify that you are officially a member.

Members that have been directed here:

If you want a USABB banner or link to this page, there will be a new page coming. However, in the meantime, you can use this:

Copy this logo and link your site to USABB

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