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Stockwell Day cares!

Consider this line a giant flashing message that says 'SARCASM' while reading this article. USABB think no better of the CA and do not care of how they have hurt Day's feelings.

As you may or may not know, we here at USABB are not big fans of the Canadian Alliance. This party is the official opposition of the Liberals, who make up the current government. [USABB doesn't like them too much either, but they're not right wingers to the same extent as the Alliance.]

Stockwell Day is the leader of this Alliance [and a much-maligned leader he is too! Several of his own MPs in parliament have already asked him to step down from his leadership] and we here at USABB have apparently made some hurtful comments about his party. Being a good Christian, Day feels we are entitled to speak out against bookbanning, which is entirely the fault of municipal governments. Day says that he has no control over censorship, despite the *throat clearing* situation involving Terry Lewis, Alliance MP, and Of Mice and Men.

In addition to believing that the world is only 5,000 years old and that wearing glasses will make him look smarter, Day feels that young people like USABB deserve to be heard and is impressed with our initiative. In fact, he even wrote us a letter to express his sentiments. Well, if he didn't write it, he at least signed his name to it and that's just as good. Below are some of our favourite parts.

I am pleased to have this opportunity to respond to your concerns about literary censorship.

We are pleased to have your reply after four months. We understand that you were too busy riding around on see-doo's for press ops and tying your tie around your head, while striking odd martial-arts-like positions. We know that this be far precedes your initiative to listen to the 'young people'.

Being strong defenders of freedom of speech and expression the Canadian Alliance does not have a more specific position on this topic.

Ah. Well. That's comforting to hear. You're flexible? You can go either way? I guess that's ok in literary censorship, but not in sexual orientation? [Day has a slightly creepy take on homosexuality. He says it's wrong and frankly unChristian.] Also, this sentence contains a non-sequitur: if the Canadian Alliance are, or is, a defender of freedom of speech, why does it not have a "more specific position on this topic"?

More generally, education, as stated in the Constitution, is the responsibility of the provinces.

Riiight. But! When to draw the line? When schools are outlawing books that have sexual terminology? When schools are outlawing books that do not conform to one person's religious views? Who intervenes? Who is the one to tell Terry Jones that not everyone is offended by Of Mice and Men? You certainly weren't, Mr. Day.

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