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Afghanistan: USABB's position

A lot of people have been asking what we think about September 11th and the situation in Afghanistan. Well here's our answer.

USABB members are mostly pacifists. We hate war of any sort, we hate terrorism, be it state or individual. We think what happened on September 11th was terrifying and a horrible waste of life. We think the actions world leaders have taken afterwards have been, mainly, shortsighted and just as wasteful. USABB feels that terrorism thrives on poverty, injustice and imperialism. People who have been degraded and treated horribly are easy prey to psychotic terrorists. We feel that the root of these acts lies not in Osama bin Laden, or any particular government. Lead terrorists are only able to find people willing to commit these horrible acts if Foreign Policy is extremely lacking. People who have HIV/AIDS and cannot afford drugs, people whose family have been killed in Western bombings, people who are controlled by dictatorships placed in power by Western leaders. All of these people are easy prey, and these are the conditions that must be fought.

The Foreign Policy of the United States, Great Britain, Russia, Canada and many other countries is soaked in blood. If Osama bin Laden ever is found, and killed, it will only be a matter of time until another like him is created. The West must watch its actions. We must not take the suffering of others lightly: it can be our downfall. Iraqui children, the women of Afghanistan, AIDS victims in Africa, child soldiers: these are the people that we hurt. Terrorism is an extreme form of war, and one that can only happen when there is great desperation in the world.

USABB feels that a war on Afghanistan, while it may destabilize the Taliban regime, is not the answer. The Taliban was put in its place by the United States not so long ago, because it opposed the USSR. These are the murderers that we empower, these are the monsters we create.

If nothing is done to stop terrorism at its roots, the victims of September 11th will have died for nothing. War brings only more war, and only change and peace can ensure any safety for the innocent citizens of the world.

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