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Fine Art by Jamie Zhang

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Welcome to the Web Site of one of China's most promising artists!

Jamie Zhang (Zhang Hui) represents Chinese art at its finest. Her paintings effortlessly blend elements of Western painting with ancient Chinese methods and materials.  Her water based paints are mixed from mineral and vegetable pigments and applied to rice papers with animal hair brushes.  The results are stunning and sensitive paintings unmatched by any other media.  Consider yourself lucky to have found this web site and enjoy the artwork.  If you would like to purchase or commission a piece please contact the artist by email at  

Jamie is now taking commissions!
Samples are on view in the portrait gallery.

The Galleries

Modern Western painting is in part marked by its assimilation of "exotic" elements from Eastern painting and African sculpture.  Asian influences can be seen in the work of  Gaugin, Manet, VanGoh, Cezzane, Matisse, Klimt, Modigliani, and others.  The East also studied Western art and music, but long standing tradition prevented much mixing of East and West.  Blends were often incongruous or artificial.  It has been rare to find a harmonious blend of West and East by Asian Artists.   Such a rarity is what Jamie Zhang is, a reflection of the awakening China.

This East-West fusion could only take place in an artist such as Jamie Zhang who spent 8 years studying Chinese and Western painting in the increasingly international city of Beijing at the prestigious Beijing Central Academy of Fine Art. Click here for a profile of the artist. You will find that her painting is neither self-conscious nor academic, but rather natural and sensitive, a refreshing break from the contemporary fixation on the abstract and abstruse.

If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning a painting email jamie at  Or Click here for more information about commissioning a work.

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