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Handles, Nicks, and Bonds in One!!!


Greetings frequent WoT members, this page is designed to help you sort out the nicks and names of all our handles. Understandably, this is not easy and I am only listing those people that I have been told appear on a semi regular basis. I am most sorrory if you have mistakenly been left, or if there is something you think that needs to be added to the page in some way, will you please send me an email and I will fix at fast as possible, or if it as an idea, think about it and work it out.

Status as Active Chatter Chatters! Warder Other handles and most used
Active Ainvar Kerene unknown
Unknown Aludra Jatsic Firestick_girl
Active Alleandra Hurrta, Rhodric Alle, Morat_Raken, Satan_Bunny, Tar_Valon_Witch, Melanthos
Active Amaresu none unkown
inactive Anakin_Cawthon Aviendha, Blackthorne, Dot9M, Serenia Sam_Shader
Active AriellaSedai KerishGaidin, TelJanAllistar, Rhett Great_Mistress_of_the_Dark, Alixana, Gwynhffawr
Active Aragorn  Bonded to LaurenceSilverbow DreadLord, Iceman
Active Aram  bonded to Evamaria AramGaidin
Active Ash  bonded to Recca AshGaidin
Active Asha none AshaGaidin
Active Ashaman none Joe
Unknown Aviendha UK, Darkhound none supplied
Active Bair Talsier unknown
inactive Bekker none none
unknown Beldin none GarthOneEye
Active Bili Birigitte, QtKitty Bili_Al'Dai
Active Birgitte  bonded to Bili Quantum_Butterflies
Active Blackthorne  bonded to Anakin_Cawthon not supplied
Active Caleyna Kelanin C, Caly, Ceara, Ingtar, Narg, Kelara, Queen of Silliness, CalenyaSedai
Active Camelia Yorrick, Physco_Shadow Egwene_al_Vera
Active CassieSedai MelvieGaidin TheGreatBanana, Casquivana
Occasional Ceralic unknown cereal
inactive Cissi_Lover unknown CL
Active Conundrum  Bonded to Velessa BarrytheSprout
Active Cryptix none known CheesyIdiot
Active Cylestia Davian ??? the answer is out there...
Active Cyndane none Deedlit, KerowynSedai, MarthaStuart, Pirotess
unknown Cynewolfe  bonded to Valdin ???
inactive Daisychick none it's a question
Active Daljani none SilentLucidity, Dyelin, SmilesatHeaven
Active Danan'yar unknown we may never know
Active Danera Lars unknown
Active DarkHound none known unknown
Active Davian  bonded to Cylestia DaveSkywalker, Vayde
unknown Dazar  bonded to Draelin TheBerserker, Fizban
inactive DeOrca none Silver_Gryphon
unknown Derra Ishamael unknown
Active Dolangren none none supplied...
Active Dot9M none Mara_Jade, Moiraine_AesSedai
unknown Draelin Dazar  unknown
Active Dragonflier none none
Active Dragonkitty none Dk
Active Egwene Cartmen, High_Inquisiter, Elan_Morin unkown
Active Elan_Morin ??? GoblinTwinkleToes, Philly
Active EllySedai Balthamel EllyBellySedai, Liselle, Liselly, Aurian, Lis_ElleSedai, Elle, JBG
unknown Elayne Robert_Jordan unknown
Active Eskia none TheGoldenSerpent
Unknown Estermis  bonded to Valdin unknown
Unknown Evamaria Aram, Ash, Lenn, Mordeth, Mr. Prophet, RichRahl, Smileyman, Stresa, Thom_Merrilin unkown
Inactive Fairydust unknown unknown
Active Falkon_Gaidin bonded to Moiraine none
Unknown Feodor none Abob
Inactive The_Fool none none
Occasionally Frozen_Hamster none Herid_Fel
Active GaidalCain  bonded to Morsayne none known
Active harina none darkserpent, miaka
Unknown Haman none none
Occasionally High_Inquisiter  bonded to Egwene none
Unknown Hupspring none Blechuga, The_Mighty_One
Active IhryckFurnael none IckyFunrael, IckyDeadPerson, Barney, Bill_Gates, Gabriel_Angelfire
Unknown Ishamael Chiad unknwon
Occasional Jain_Farstrider none Creslin
Active Jak'otheShadows  bonded to Queen_of_Silliness evilgaidin
Active Jaleel LordctGaidin Jaleely, Saucy_Wench, JaleelSedai
Active Jani  bonded to Alleandra Hurrta, Rhodric_Alle, Morat_Raken, Satan_Bunny, Tar_Valon_Witch, Chatkiller, too many to list...
Active Jarihn none Chichirri
inactive Jat none none known
Active Jeffiner unknown ThePhoneQueen
Unknown Jenn Tai Rhiannon
Active Jonai none Lewin_Matheri
Active julival none PrincessofSunshine, PrincessofJoy
unknown KaLogain none unknown
Active Kam none Ratsy
Active Kara Masterizer unknown
Inactive Kareathon none none
Active Keeper none LostKeeper, Keeper II
Active Kelanin  bonded to CalenyaSedai BidBadWolf, Limepop, IceFalcon
Unknown Kerene Ainvar none
Active Kerish  bonded to AriellaSedai TheLurker, KingoftheLurkers, KerishGaidin, TheBarkeep
Active Kheltan none Silk
inactive Kiriath none none
inactive Kit none none
Active KnightoftheRoses none Ramna
Active Lady_Tylin none none
Active Lanfear Mithrandir LanfearAmaya, QueenSteadfast, Mierin
inactive LarryHomer none none
Active Lars  bonded to Danera none
Active LaurenceSilverbow Aragorn Tinkergirl, Hug_Goddess
Active Lefty none none
Active Lenn none SavGar, CuteLittleEwok
Active Liara none LadySunrunner, LiaraSedai, Azhreia, Tobin, Laura
Unknown Lisbet none none
inactive Loial none none
Active LordctGaidin  bonded to JaleelSedai BunBuntheRabbit, The Bartender, Lordct, among others
Active LordoftheMorning none MorningLord, LordoftheJungle,LordoftheThundercats
Active LordMatrim none AE, TheDarkOne, Dolangren, TheDarkness
Active Louis  bonded to Ulrica TheApologist, Anti_Hug_God
Active Mabriam Shard unknown
Occasional markwcats none unknown
Occasional MasterAndra none unknown
Active Masterizer  bonded to Kara ThePhamtomMasterizer, Y2M, and Masterizer handle we make fun off...
Unknown Mathus none Gargoyle, Golem, RainbowCabbage
Active Melv  bonded to CassieSedai Hobbes, Elfin, MelvieGaidin, The_Mole
Active Mikel Moridin none
Active Mithrandir  bonded to Lanfear MithGaidin
Active Moose  unknown MooseGaidin
Active Moiraine Falkon_Gaidin none
Active Mordeth  bonded to Evamarie none
Inactive Moridin (old)  bonded to Mikel none
Active Moridin (new)  bonded to SpearSister none
Active Morsayne GaidalCain Blue, BooyaBaby, Indigo, Mors, Nirvana, 
Active Mr. Prophet  Bonded to Evamaria none supplied
Occasional Neverborn none none
Active NightShade none DeadlyNightShade, NightShadetheKitten, Sir_Launcelot, MasterofDepression
Active Noire Jain Lady Danae, Ebony_Rose
Active Nordlibris  Bonding is Evil! (as said by former) Nasse_Nofferatu, Daffy_Duck
Active OldNewPerson Paedrag_su_Hazadred GilShalos, Typo_Demon
Active Paedrag_su_Hazadred  bonded to OldNewPerson none
Unknown Psycho_Shadow  bonded to CameliaSedai Psycho_Kitty, Shadow, Psycho
Active QtKitty bonded to Bili none
Active Raisha none BreonnaSedai
inactive Ramo none none
inactive Rasp none none
Active Recca AshGaidin ShadowFaire
Active Rhett none LordoftheGrey
Active Rhodric  bonded to Alleandra DarthCoke, Mesaana, RhodricSedai, Rhoddy, Rhoddykins, Slinko, Wes, and many more...
Occasional RichRahl none none
Active Ripward none none
Active Rohan none Belrohan, Canth
Occasional Ryan none noine
Active SaiphSedai none none
inactive Sei'cair none none
Active ShadowCrystal none none
Active ShadowMoon none none
Active ShadowRand none Shadow_Lord_of_the_Mornin
Occasional ShadowStar none none
Occasional ShadowKiller none Poolboy, Jearom, Sk, Shadey
Inactive Sheriam Silvane IcePrincess
Inactive Silvane  bonded to Sheriam none
Active Silvermoon none none
Unknown Slaughterville none none
Unknown Smileyman none none
inactive SonjaBlue none none
Active SpearSister  bonded to Moridin NekotheChannelingPuppy
Unknown Stonebow none unknown
Active Stresa unknown Mimameidr
Active Sue none Shogie
Active Sulamein none none
Occasional Tai Jenn Paradox, Tironis
INactive TheTaintedOne none TTO
inactive Takan none none
unknown Talsier none none
unknown TamAl'Thor none none
unknown Tannen none NotTannen
Active TelJaninAllistar none Aseamen, Tel
Inactive Thom_Merrilin (old)  bonded to evamarie Eva'sLucky7th, TheRealCreator, YodaJedi
Active Thom_Merrilin (New) none Daethlion
Active Tigraine Kam Egwene2
Active TsjoenerGriemer none none
Active TyriaKitat none none
Occasioanl UK_Darkhound none none
Active Ulrica Louis Babycakes
Inactive Valdin Cynewolfe, Estermis, Raven none
Occasional Vegita none none
Active Velessa Conundrum Velurker, TheEverPresentVel, Vecheck
Active Wilder none none
Active Xin none Xinthebear, Xinpheld
Active Yorrick none Joker, Schaduw
Active Zakalwe none none


A Quick Summary
This is only a quick and incomplete list of commonly used and/or inactive handles for each person. This is -not- a complete list, as TPM would point out, and there may be some sp errrors here and there knowing myself. However for a quick reference, *s* this page does a decent job to help avoid confusion.

A Big Thanks! to Yorrick, Davian, MooseGaidin, Caly, and Velessa for checking and editing ppl, nicks, and bonds!!!