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Kung Fu

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to take martial arts lessons. Watching all those martial arts movies when I was young I always wanted to be a great fighter, but I never got up the nerve to start trying to take lessons. Finally, about four and a half years ago I said to myself that I was gonna start learning martial arts and I built up the nerve to start. After much research of many different styles I thought Kung Fu might suit me best. I think I was right. Although I haven't been as active these past few years(because of college) I have built a great foundation for myself the first couple years I started practicing Kung Fu. I am currently a first degree black belt in the Choy Lay Fut style of Kung Fu. I was also an assistant instructor at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy. In the past couple years I haven't been that active in competition but I plan to get back into it soon as I gradutate from college and settle down with a career. Well, if you are also into martial arts I always enjoy talking about about it with other people so email me or sign my guestbook or something. And take a look at the pictures below as well.
To learn more about the Choy Lay Fut style of Kung Fu, visit my Choy Lay Fut Website

This is me at my black belt ceremony, receiving my black belt on Feb 2, 1997

Here I am taking first place for my event at a tournament in Feb 1995

Here I am at practice. That's me on the left. Sucks to be short. Oh well.