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Vermont Walk for Nuclear Abolition

Saturday, August 15 to Friday, August 21, 1998

Invitation to Join the Walk


  1. Bring to the attention of the people of Vermont the present dangers associated with the continued existence of nuclear weapons, and of the economic, social and spiritual costs of maintaining a nuclear stockpile;
  2. involve a growing number people in the effort to abolish nuclear weapons;
  3. bring to the attention of local, national and international media the existence of a strong and growing grassroots, international effort to abolish all nuclear weapons;
  4. bring pressure to bear on the US government to enter into negotiations with the nations of the world for a treaty which sets a date certain for the complete elimination of nuclear weapons within a comprehensive worldwide framework for verification of compliance.

   The walk will be ninety-three miles with stops at several towns and cities along the way. It will start with a rally at the State House in Montpelier at 10:30 AM on August 15 and continue it's way down the state ending in Springfield, Vermont on August 21. The walk will pass through several Vermont communities including: Montpelier, Northfield, Randolph, Bethel, Royalton, Sharon, Hartford, White River Junction, Hartland, Windsor, Weathersfield, Springfield.

   Along the route, rallies with speakers, music, literature distribution, petitioning, and one-on-one discussions will highlight the present dangers of nuclear weapons and the economic/social costs to each town and city. Local health care workers, educators, social service providers and others will be asked to describe how they might use the tax money which presently is sent to Washington from their locale for the maintenance of the US nuclear arsenal.

   The final destination of the walk, Springfield, Vermont, has seen its economic base eroded over the last twenty years, as manufacturing jobs, the traditional pillar of the economy, have been sent out of Vermont, usually to other countries. Thus a tie-in with issues of economic justice and the global economy will be made by speakers at the final rally in Springfield. Representatives of labor, health and human services are being invited to speak.

   The general tone of the walk will be up-beat and hopeful. Walkers will include musicians, story-tellers, giant puppets, people carrying colorful banners, young people and children. We are affirming life, the dignity and worth of every person, the sanctity of creation, the unity of all people and the hope which is nurtured when people work together on a common cause.

   You are invited to join the Walk at any time for any length of time. Please arrange to have someone drop you off and pick you up when you are done walking. Logistics: We will be walking on asphalt most of the way; wear very comfortable and sturdy walking shoes. Bring "mole skin" for blisters. Think feet; what do you need to keep them comfortable?

   There will be vehicles to transport heavy items: bring sleeping bag, tent, camping gear, utensils (note no camp stoves please), a rainsuit or poncho, other personal items and something warm for the cool summer evenings in Vermont. Bring also a flashlight and basic first aid materials ( we will have medical professionals on the Walk). Also bring a willingness to learn, and to discuss why you are walking. The Walk will provide food, but you may want to bring your own snacks or foods you can eat (no meat will be served). PLEASE DO NOT BRING PETS or any alcohol or drugs (except by prescription).

Walk Schedule:

August 15, Saturday 10:30 AM - Rally at the Vermont State House, Montpelier; featured Speaker Jonathan Schell, author of The Fate of the Earth and The Gift of Time: The Case for Abolishing Nuclear Weapons Now; Bread and Puppet, Dragon Dance, All Species and sacred circle to bless the earth. Walk Rte 12 S. to Northfield, 11 miles. Dinner, speakers and entertainment, overnight at the Unitarian Universalist Society in United Church of Northfield. Richard Hathaway will speak in Northfield.

Aug. 16, Sun. 9:00 AM - begin walk to Randolph, 16 miles, lunch at farm at mile 10. Dinner, Speakers, Native American storyteller, Wolf Song and overnight at Bethany United Church of Christ.

Aug. 17, Mon. 9:00 AM - begin walk to S. Royalton, 13 miles, lunch at Fat Rooster farm at mile 7. Entertainment and overnight at the VT Law School. Stephen Dycus will speak in S. Royalton about the World Court Decision on nuclear weapons. Vermont State Senator Cheryl Rivers will also speak.

Aug. 18, Tues. 9:00 AM - begin walk (and bus) to White River Junction, 19 miles. Entertainment, overnight at Advent Christian Camp. Grace Paley will speak.

Aug. 19, Wed. 9:00 AM - begin walk down Rte. 5 to Hartland, 12 miles. Dinner and overnight at the Darhma Center.

Aug. 20, Thurs. 9:00 AM - begin walk to Weathersfield, 11 miles. Speaker: Dr. Victor Sidel, entertainment, dinner, overnight at Wilgus State Park.

Aug. 21, Fri. - Rally for walkers at Wilgus State park, 9:00 AM begin walk to Springfield. 3:30 PM Rally at Springfield, Speakers: Congressman Bernie Sanders, Deborah Luce, Springfield family Center, Braum Muther, UE Local 218 (call 229-2340 for location)

Registration Form:

Phone______ E-mail_______
Time & Date(s) you plan to walk: Start:___ End:___
Emergency Contact name and number_____
Medicines you are allergic to:_______
Do you use a wheelchair?___ Any disabilities that require particular arrangements? _____
If yes, what arrangements?_______

OPTIONAL: Here is my contribution to help with the costs: $____

Please return to (and for more information):
73 Main St., Box 19
Montpelier VT 05602

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