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Frequent Costumers
You might be obsessed with Vegeta if...

Here are a collection of warning signs. The more of these you are guilty of, the closer you are to becomeing "Vegeta Obsesers" like us ... Scary huh? Well don't worry it dosen't hurt a bit and it's tons of fun!

  • ...Wallscroll, cells, fanart, etc, all featuring the Prince plaster your walls.
  •'ve hit someone in the last 24 hours for making fun of Vegeta
  • sing the Veggie tails song, on principle.
  • and a group of friends create an anti Bulma page, simply because she took him from us all.
  • ...even though you never wear it, there's a pink shirt haning in your closet.

  • spend math class wondering why Vegeta's hair turned from brown to black when he got to the planet earth.
  • ...your friends know that calling Vegeta a pansy is the best way to piss you off
  • ...after they do call vegeta a pansy to piss you off you lung across the room and beat them profusly with a text book
  • ...under-wear reminds you of your family
  • ...when ever you see the word vegetable you cover up the ble and smile
  • cried 7 times when Frezza killed Vegeta, and you've only seen it twice
  • cried tears of joy when the dragon brought him back
  • introduce your self by saying "I am (insert name here), a saiyjin from the planet Vegeta. But they cut off my tail, damn earthlings
  • ...your fan fictions are about Vegeta or women who love him
  • refer to the Raddiz saga as that boring part with out Vegeta
  • read this list and think "they missed a few"
  • insist on calling Goku Kakerott
  • imagine, write fanfic, and draw pictures of Bulma comeing to a horribly bloody end
  • and your friends build a shrine to Vegeta ;)