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We Hate Bulma

Guess what I got acused of .... Never updateing this section, by a Bulma lover no less. So guess what I;m here to do. PROVE THEM WRONG. I mean if they like Bulma so much why'd they encourage me to keep this up? Oh well most of Bulma's fans are just as lame as she is. You can't blame 'em she has that effect on people. She's nothing but a whinny bitch and we all know it.
Back to the Shrine
I have some exciting news. The Bulma-holics Rehab is now open. If you or someone you know like Bulma please go there quickly as you can. And if their are any Bulma haters like myself who wish to help others help themselves please E-mail me. We are truely understaffed but we'll press forward anyways. When it comes to Bulma just say "no!" but "ho" works too. *Villagers chant "No Ho, No Ho"

Bulma should die because:

  • It was her who made Vegeta wear pink.
  • Of all those scenes in the Freiza saga wear she complained about the lack of tampons on Namek.
  • She RAPED our poor Sayajin prince.
  • Her hair color changes more often Chichi's mood
  • Who names their children after underwear?
  • The woman is so stupid she must keep her name on her shirt so she will remember it.
  • White person with an afro ... I don't think so. Justin Timberlake showed us all how bad that looked.
  • She stole the only Sayia-jin left who's worth having
  • Had she not taken the bomb out of #16 Cell would have died sooner and her son would still be alive.
  • She causes danregouse side effects in her fans such as the overwelming urge to send Sotika hate mail. *villagers say "Poor Sotika"*

Do you know why Bulma should die, or at least be tortured? Tell me