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And now for the history of our Prince. Vegeta was born roughly two years after his parents married. His fahter's name was Vegeta and his mother was unknown. He was growing up to be quite the warrior. His father would take him when ever he went to conquor planets.

However things didn't stay like this. Frezza saw the strenth of the young prince and took him from his fathe wile he was still very young. Frezza threatened the poor boy. He made him do every thing he wanted and told him if he didn't he'd kill his father. Vegeta swolled his humiliation. Following Frezza every command for his father's sake. Despite his loyalty Frezza killed King Vegeta and destroied his home planet.

Frezza lied to Vegeta about his father and his people for years. But our hero is a bright Saiyjin. After a while he figured it out and set out to be come immortal and get his revenge!