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I said you smell like toe nails! -Gohan's comments to Napa

  • Name: Nappa
  • Age: eh ... early 40's maybe?
  • Race: First class Saiyajin elite.
  • Hair: none
  • Eyes: Black
  • Other features: Well he's about 7ft tall and probably weighs close to 200lbs. He has rarely been seen out of the company of a very short man who looks eve shorter standing next to him.
  • Accomplishments:
    • Raising the Saiyajin Prince Vegeta
    • Former General of the Saiyajin army
    • Killing all those Lame-o Earthling friends of Kakerott's *villagers cheer*
    • Being a great, bald, funny guy

Welcome to the newest addition to the Veggie café, my tribute to Nappa. *Villagers cheer* Now some may ask why I have chosen to spot light this big ugly guy. I mean after all her doesn't play a very important role in the show. In fact he dies like two episodes after Kakerott gets there.

Well I say you're wrong, Nappa played a very important role, the thing was they never showed it on the series. As we all know when Vegeta was a small boy Frieza kidnapped him, blackmailed him, then killed his father. Well what do you think this kid did after his dad died? Although he may make a good mother, Frieza's just not father material. *villagers whisper "cue Napa"*

That right ladies and gentlemen, Nappa. He was once the General of the entire Saiyajin army, one of the people King Vegeta trusted most. And so with the kings passing Nappa took it upon himself to protect the little Veggie. He taught him the first forms of fighting he ever knew, some of which he kept using, even after he became a super Saiyajin.

So, if Nappa was such a great guy why did Vegeta kill him? In my opinion it was a mercy killing. Just imagine what life would be like for a Saiyajin who lost to a pansy like Kakerott? In my mind Vegeta was sparing Napa and himself the humiliation. And so ends the story of the biggest baldest Saiyajin ever.