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Black Roses

This is my recollection of the events that occured between me and someone who is very dear to me. It took me a long time to write and edit so please take your time and pay full attention to it. Please be mature and understanding as well. I may add more in time depending on the circumstances and whether or not whatever happens is worth writing about. Thank you and enjoy.

  One night, around early 1997, I was at a pool hall called Q-stix on Main Street in Newark, Delaware, which was and still is (sort of) the local hangout. While I was there I met a guy. His name was Rich. I was immediately attracted to him and absolutely had to talk to him. He had a friend with him, and I didn't want to seem intrusive, just in case they were a couple, so I made conversation with her, but I couldn't keep my eyes off of Rich. When I was talking to the girl I kept catching myself glancing over at Rich and now that I think about it, it seemed pretty obvious what I was doing. When I had to leave I got both of their phone numbers, but had no intention of calling his friend. Of course, being young and forgetful, I lost both numbers by the next day. But I had often thought about Rich after that day. More than I should have for someone I had only met once. I didn't see him again for a long time but one thing stuck out in my mind the most from that night. Rich had a cigarette case. That cigarette case would end up helping me find everything I've ever wanted.

  Two years later I went to the same pool hall with a few friends of mine. I saw him across the room. I saw the most gorgeous Goth I had ever laid eyes on. Perfect in every way. His boots had spikes in a cross on the right toe and an upside-down cross on the left. He was wearing a trenchcoat, which looked very sexy with the rest of his atire. He had in orange contacts and when he took them out his eyes were the most glorious blue. His hair was kind of shaggy and black with some of his natural color grown in. I remember the smell of that night and how I felt every time he'd catch me stareing.

  A couple of the friends I was with at the time, fortunately knew him and were talking to him. So, that meant that I had my chance at conversation with him as well, and that is just what I aimed for. I soon went up to him and commented on his contacts just to make conversation. It worked. His voice was like candy. I ate it up the more he spoke and, oh, was it delicious. I had had a gut feeling from the moment I first saw him that he was the same guy I had met nearly two years earlier, and I told a friend that I was with about it.

  Then, he pulled out his cigarette case. A chill ran up my spine at his response when I then asked him his name. His name was Rich. I then told him about our previous encounter. Of course, he didn't remember, but I didn't expect him to.

  This time I got his number and wrote it on my wall as soon as I got home as not to lose it. I got in touch with him and tried really hard to stay in touch with him. Soon, me, Rich, and my friend, Amanda, planned to go to a Goth club in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We met at Rich's apartment. He was on the phone when we got there and was wearing a pair of black jeans. As it turned out, our ride to the club never showed, and as a result, Amanda and I ended up spending the night at Rich's. I still made the best of it though, for me at least.

  We were up for awhile and we were hungry with no food in Rich's apartment. So, our hunger eventually got the best of us and we decided to walk to a gas station to get something. Me and Amanda were both wearing skirts and corsets, and Rich wore his leopard print fur coat. I kept thinking about how much Amanda and I looked like prostitudes and Rich looked like our pimp. Especially since we were in the ghetto part of Wilmington, Delaware. It was a long walk to the gas station and I was wearing new boots so my feet were hurting really badly by the time we got back.

  Everytime Rich would leave the room me and Amanda would talk about him. Amanda knew of my infatuation with him.

  Soon, Amanda got tired of waiting for a ride that was never coming and went to sleep. I was laying next to Amanda but had every intention of staying awake. Rich soon lay on the other side of me, leaving me in the middle. He began blowing on me softly. I ached to kiss him but waited. He asked if he could put his arm over me because he said it felt comfortable that way. I let him. His hand was right over mine. I moved my fingers slightly and he squeezed my hand. At that I turned to face him. He kissed me. He kissed me long and deeply. I've never kissed anyone the way I kissed him. We made out until 6 in the morning when I had to leave. But we went no further.

  The next time I saw Rich was on Super Bowl Sunday of 1999. I had asked him to go with me to a friend's Super Bowl party and he agreed. He looked wonderful that night. He had put egg whites in his hair and messed it up. It looked very eighties. It reminded me of Robert Smith(from The Cure)'s hair-very sexy. I couldn't keep from looking at him.

  We didn't really watch the game, and soon went across the street to my friend, Steve's house. We went downstairs to Steve's room. There were 5 people there-including Me, Rich, Steve, my friend Kim, and my friend Paul.