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Most Profound Beauty

  The night is at it's darkest, but the full moon is above you. The silence is deafening as you look at what surrounds you. The grass beneath your feet has grown almost gray with the moon's rising, and the trees have become mangled arms and spiny fingers from the endless depths of your imagination. You see around you the small hills and the pillar-like signs that mark each one. You think about how many lives were spent and how they were lived by the corpses beneath you. You wonder how their lives were cut short and whether or not they were ready for their present position.

  You roll your head back and glare at the moon. It's so bright. So big. So beautiful. You watch the clouds creep past it's form as it's glow shimmers between breaks and spaces in the gray masses that engulf it slowly.

  You turn and view the opposite area of the endless darkness. You see the many millions of tiny white specs that litter the night's existence with shimmers of glory.

  You then glance back at the moon before a slight cramp in your neck forces you to return to your original range of view. You breathe deeply of the empty, cold air.

  You begin to walk. Quickly at first, but then your pace slows when you begin to notice more of the morbid elegance encompassing you.

  Your sight scans all in your view. Your nose takes in, with every precious breathe, the fullness of the night. Your ears listen to the leave's gentle crunching and the wind's soft whisper. You hear the faint, far off sounds of chains clinking and the low murmur of a highway.

  You shiver and a chill runs down your spine as the cold find's it's way to your skin. Your fingers have a slight tingle of numbness to them as a result of the below-comfortable temperature.

  You stop in the midst of all the gothy, dreariness that embraces you when you suddenly realize your reason for being where you are. You had forgotten when you had succumbed to the magnificence of the night.

  You find a nearby bench where mourners often go to sulk over their lost loves, and you sit. And you wait. And you wait. And you wait.

  You shift your body and lay along the length of the hard bench. One of your legs drapes the back of the bench while the other dangles off the side. Your arms are crossed over your stomach and you can feel the faint beating of your heart.

  You stare up at the night sky and wonder just how tiny the world must be compared to the vast, endless mass of black above you.

  Suddenly, you hear the screech of the gate as it opens......and then closes. You sit up quickly and look in the direction in which the sound came.You see what you've been waiting for. It's the love of your life,and in your mind, the most gorgeous creature God has ever created.

  You sit still as not to be seen right away. A mischievous smile crosses your pale face. You slowly get up, but remain low, as you slink towards the edge of the cemetery. You creep around until you're a distance behind your beloved. You move slowly towards your adorned as you watch them search for you with their eyes. You come up right behind your devotion and take in their sweet sweet scent. You put your hands on their shoulders and feel them jump. You grin at this. Then, you kiss your beloved softly on the back of the neck and whisper, "I love you," in their ear. You continue with, "I love you more than is humanly possible and I would die were we to part." You mean every word you say. You know this just as well as your love does.

  You take your love's hand and guide them to the bench where you had waited. You reach over towards your affection's face and run your finger down their cheek ever so gently. You could feel them shiver slightly and you grin. Your desire looks over at you and the eyes of your love pierce your own with their beauty. You lean towards your love and gently brush your lips against their's before you kiss them gently. You stay close and you kiss them again, this time, passionately and full of desire. Your beloved's lips are warm and soft against yours. You embrace your love and pull them closer while in the midst of a deep, heated kiss. It seems to last forever and in your mind, you wish it could. You back up a little and kiss your love softly and lovingly once more.

  Suddenly, you jump to your feet.You say to your beloved, "let's walk. I would love to walk in the midst of the silence, shadowed by your radiance." They agree and you help them up from the cold wooden bench. You take your cherished one's hand as you walk through the darkness of the night with them.

  You wish to yourself that your visit with your love didn't have to be so short. It's been so long since your last meeting. You treasure every moment you've spent with your beloved, and you hold on tightly to every memory as if they were the only reason you're alive.

  Time seems to go by so quickly, and eventually it is time for your idolized to part from your so cherished meeting. You kiss your love softly on the lips and hold them close to you, close enough that they can feel your ever pulsing heart. You then, let go and watch as your beloved walks towards the gate. you listen to the screech of the gate as it opens....and then closes. You watch as the night swallows your devotion in it's mass of black. Then, you walk slowly towards the cold and forlorned bench and again, you lay across the length of it. You close your eyes. You hold on to the image of your beloved and your visit with them and you try to recall every detail. You feel so light and warm and the joy in your heart is almost overwhelming. Your contentment is strong now. You are fully relaxed and a grin creeps across your face. wake up.