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I Only Love You

What's happening to us?
What have you been doing without me?
Are you fucking her?
Or is it still me whose heart you seek?

I only love you.
Nothing else matters.
What am I supposed to do?
While watching our love shatter?

These many morbid thoughts entrance me.
Razors, ropes, and pills enchant me.
Your all I've ever loved, my dear,
Even though you're never here.

It's all been quite hard on me,
Harder than you'd ever think.
Loneliness-the fear I feel,
As in despair I slowly sink.

I've felt excruciating temptation,
But I've remained true to my own deprivation.
I've had the chances, but I've turned away.
You should be proud that I've held on this way.

People like me are hard to find.
The love we give is rare and all too few.
It didn't have to be you to whom it was given,
So, be grateful in knowing, I only love you.