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(This poem was written for school 5 minutes before I had to present it.)

Why War?

What's the point?
Why Waste your time?
Life isn't supposed to end with a bullet.
And why do you insist on killing your kind?

You're supposed to live life to it's fullest.
Don't throw it all away in war.
War is just an involuntary suicide.
And you're just like them... A real person at the core.

Every soul lost brings another soul's sorrow.
Every heart's last beat brings another heart's breaking.
Every kill you make brings you closer to the beast,
And there's no turning back when you feel Hell's heat.

Your mommy, your daddy, your children are crying,
While you look and see that everyone is dying.
You miss your family and friends, and they miss you.
Think of the enemy. They have loved one's too.

Is this what you want?
To soon feel the bullet sever?
You'll be dead before it's done.
And death is forever.