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I want to be lost with you, in a world all our own,
Where the trees grow free, and the birds fly low,
Where the roses bloom with a smell so sweet,
And the grass feels soft beneath our bare feet.

I want to play in fields of green,
Where we're all alone, just you and me,
Where the sky is wide and always blue,
And there's no one there to see it, but me and you.

I want to swim with you in a lake, so sparkling and clear,
Where the fish nibble your toes, and dragonflies buzz in your ear,
Where the geese aren't afraid to eat out of your hand,
And in the water, it's just deep enough to stand.

I want to lay with you under a sky filled with stars, at night,
Where your body is warm next to mine, and the moon is bright,
Where nothing else matters except for our love,
And I want nothing more, because our love is enough.