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What's Wrong?

Part 1

He's the only one who asks that question,
That question that no one seems to ask.
"What's wrong?" he asks.

Two words that can mean so much!
Just two words that no one else has meant!
He wants to know, "What's wrong?"

These two words keep me from feeling completely alone!
"He really does love me!" I think to myself.
"He really does care!" He really does.

Not a syllable escapes my lips, so he asks again,
"What's wrong?"
I can hear the frustration in his voice.

He wants to know why I'm not smiling.
Is he worried, perhaps?
No one has worried about how I've felt before.

"Please ask me again," I think to myself,
"I really do want to tell you."
I say to him, "nothing," but my words are softly spoken and my eyes are moist.

He knows that something isn't right, and soon I've told him.
I then say to him, "I love you," and I mean it.
I'll always mean it.

Part 2

"What's wrong?" you ask.

"My pain shall pass soon," I think to myself.
"As long as I have you."
You are never at fault for my tears.

You own the shoulder that I cry on,
And the only hand I must hold.
You are my one, and always my only.

You are my best friend,
As well as my beloved,
And you are the only one who can ease my pain.

When I am afraid,
When I feel alone,
Whenever I'm dying inside, I come to you.

"What's wrong?" you ask.
That's all I needed to hear,
But please, embrace me tight...

For the hurt,
Will cease from hurting,
When you're holding me tonight.