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Part 1

As I watch you slowly fade away,
I wish there was something more I could say,
So I get down on my knees and pray,
"Please God, don't take this one away."

I cry as I remember how we used to play,
How we laughed by the stream on that warm spring day,
And how I kissed you, never knowing it would turn out this way.
Our little dreams were shattered by the reality of today.

You're only a child, yet you're almost done living.
Your body is weak, but you still keep on giving.
Please keep in mind that I'll never turn my back on you.
You'll never face your struggles alone, like some of us have to.

I know that the pain can get worse day to day,
But please don't give up. I know that you're brave.
We all love you. That, I hope you can see.
To help win you that cure would be an honor to me.

Lately, it's true, I've been crying all the time,
But only because loseing you scares me out of my mind.
I may have forsaken the gift of your friendship once before,
But what once was forsaken, is now cherished and adored.

Part 2

You have exceeded our grasp and slipped through our fingers,
But now your pain is gone, even if ours still lingers.
I didn't get to say everything that I had wanted to,
But everything I wanted to say, you should have already known.

I wanted to say I love you and that I'm sorry for the past.
I'm sorry for the present and my future, and I'm sorry yours didn't last.
I'm sorry that I couldn't take your place. I would have if I could've.
And I'm so sorry I didn't visit you! I know that I should've.

Right now I'm wishing I could speak to you once more.
You're only 15! And you had so much to live for!
You're no longer with us and it hurts more as it sinks in.
I just want to pretend you're still here, but the truth still lies within.

I remember you saying, "I don't want to die,"
Well, in my heart you'll never die, and for you, I won't let my life pass me by.
I still can clearly hear your laugh and see your smile in my mind.
You lived and died a child, and I'll never leave your memory behind.

This is in loving memory of you, Josh.
I won't ever forget about you.
And during my life, no matter what I do.
I'll always remember the child that was you.

In Loving Memory of
Joshua Neil Piechowski
January 22, 1985 - July 3, 2000