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Release The Rage

Release the rage inside of me,
looking forward I can see,
How you're screaming, "fucking help me!"
"I can't see and I can't breathe!"

But they ignore your wasted cries.
They all stare on with pearl black eyes.
And soon your hate is in disguise.
In your eyes is seen despise.

Now you're silent and you're waiting,
Sitting alone, anticipating,
When you're fears are finished fading,
And with their lives they will be paying.

Then you lash out with blood red rage,
When you escape your mental cage.
They used to say, "It's just a stage."
Erase the words on tomorrow's page.

Beat them down till they behave,
Or shove them deep into their grave.
When they ask, "why?" you sadistically say,
"I'm giving you what, to me, you gave!"